Essay On World Nature Conservation Day 2022 For Students

700+ Words Essay On World Nature Conservation Day - 2022


Humans out of their greed have exploited nature. It's the need of an hour to take some major steps to save our environment. So that it can be preserved for future generations.
Essay On World Nature Conservation Day 2022 For Students

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Paragraph on World Nature Conservation Day

World Nature Conservation Day History 

World Nature Conservation Day is observed on the 28th of July every year. The day acknowledges the fact that to live a stable & healthy life, nature has to be preserved. The main motive behind celebrating this day is to make people aware of their duties to conserve nature around them. It aims to conserve the environmental elements like animals and plants which are on the brink of extinction if not paid attention to.

Every year World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated all over the world. The day is celebrated to teach and educate people about the best steps that need to be taken to protect the natural resources that human existence hugely is dependent on like water, plants, minerals, soil, etc.

Every year World Conservation Day is observed with different themes.

Themes of World Nature Conservation Days

  • 2022: Cut Down on Plastic Use.
  • 2021: "Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet". 
  • 2020: No theme - due to Covid-19.
  • 2019: “Nature on your mind: understanding our values”
  • 2018: A good reason to celebrate wetlands. 
  • 2017: Connecting People to nature."
  • 2016: “Planet at the Crossroads”.

Significance of World Nature Conservation Day

World Natural Conservation Day has a very important significance in today's era of globalization and modernization. This day plays a vital role in helping to preserve and conserve nature. It is very important to safeguard the current and upcoming generations. 
There are a handful of threats that can make many species go extinct. Some of the examples are illegal wildlife trading, deforestation, mining, forest fire, single-use plastic, and other threats. We need to tackle these threats collectively. Natural resources must be preserved. Otherwise, it will be too late to cry for help. As humans, we should take every major step to protect the same. 

We all know that natural resources are limited. We can not produce them. They are not in abundance either. Therefore, we must preserve and conserve natural resources for sustaining a stable, productive & happy human society.

Types of Natural Resources

Renewable Resources

Renewable resources are also known as flow resources. These are those natural resources that do not run out because they get replaced naturally. Some examples of renewable resources are solar energy, wind, biomass, etc.

Non-renewable Resources

Non-renewable resources include those resources which are limited in their quantity. Some examples of non-renewable resources are fossil fuels, minerals, groundwater, gas, etc.


These are those resources that originate from the biosphere like living things. Some examples of biotic resources are birds, fish, grass, bacteria, moss, etc.


Abiotic natural resources are the opposite of biotic natural resources. These resources are derived from non-living things. Some examples of abiotic resources are soil, minerals, water, sunlight, etc.

How to conserve nature and its resources?

We human beings rely on natural resources for our survival. However, they are limited. If we don't conserve nature, it will not end well. So it's our duty and responsibility to conserve them. Let's discuss some ways by which we can preserve and protect nature.

Use Water Wisely

Of the total water present on Earth, only one percent is available for human use. The rest of the water is salty or fresh frozen water. So we need to use water wisely. We should wastewater. We can also practice rainwater harvesting to save it for irrigation and other things that matter. This practice will help in minimizing the use of water from water bodies.


Planting trees is a noble practice. This will help in reducing the incidents of soil erosion. It also helps to maintain ecological balance. It also helps in ecosystem restoration. Plants also can act as homes for many birds and animals. Therefore, it's a good practice.

Use Wind And Solar Energy

We should replace our sources of energy with wind and solar energy. These are eco-friendly and cheap to use. Furthermore, these do not produce any harmful gases which can cause the depletion of the ozone layer.

Restrict usage of paper

Do you know where paper comes from? It comes from trees. So we can save such trees if we use less paper. We can use e-copies where ever necessary. It will be beneficial for our environment.

Spread Awareness

Last but not least, we must spread awareness about the conservation of nature and its resources. We should encourage people to use eco-friendly methods instead of those methods which degrade and pollute nature. We can also encourage them to use rain-water harvesting methods to help nature and its resources bloom. 

Thoughts, and Quotes on World Nature Conservation Day

  • "Let's be brave and save our mother - Earth."
  • "Those who save nature and its resources deserve love and respect."
  • "Conservation is the state of harmony between men and land." - Also Leopold
  • "In nature nothing is perfect because everything is perfect."
  • "Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed" - Mahatma Gandhi
  • "The Earth is a fine place and worth fighting for" - Ernest Hemingway
  • Forget not the duties that you have to pay to save the mother - Earth."
  • Don't be greedy, let's make this world worth living."
  • "Nature inspires me to dream big & makes me feel delighted by its beautiful charm.  Indeed, I love nature."
  • "A man can abandon a man but not nature."
  • "Nature has its own tongue but it longs for a listener who can listen to its wails for help"
  • "It's not music that makes me grove but nature."

Conclusion of World Nature Conservation Day

To summarise everything that has been demonstrated so far, world nature conservation day is for encouraging us to take necessary action which is needed to conserve nature and its resources. As human beings, we must preserve and protect the same for our future safeguard.

FAQ on World Nature Conservation Day

When is world nature conservation day celebrated?

World nature conservation day is celebrated on 28 july every year.

What is the theme of world conservation day 2022?

The theme of the world conservation day 2022 is Cut Down the Plastic Use.

Why is world nature conservation day observed?

World nature conservation day is observed to aware people about the need to conserve, preserve, and protect the environment to keep the world healthy and happy.

When was World Nature Conservation Day started?

The actual initial date of this special day is not known. 

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