10 Lines On My Dream To Become a Doctor in English For Students

Today we will read 10 lines on my dream to become a Doctor, So stay tuned!

10 lines on my dream to become a Doctor in English For Students


  • Different people have different ambitions in life.
  • Some want to become lawyers and engineers.
  • However, I aim to become a doctor.
  • It's been my dream since my childhood.
  • I want to serve my countrymen by becoming a doctor.
  • Additionally, I will provide free medicines to poor people who can not afford to buy medicines and all other necessary stuff.
  • I know, how much effort I have to put in to achieve my dream. 
  • Nevertheless, I am sanguine about my dream. 
  • One day I will prove to the world that I was right by becoming a doctor.
  • I will work very hard till my goal is achieved.

10 Lines on My Aim To become a Doctor 

  • Someone has perfectly said, the poorest person in this world is one who doesn't have any dreams in life.
  • Having a dream in one's life is very important.
  • It gives you a direction that yields positive results in the end.
  • My dream is to become a doctor.
  • There are several reasons why I want to become a doctor.
  • Firstly, it is a noble profession, loved by all.
  • Most of all, it provides you with an opportunity to serve humanity.
  • After all, the sole purpose of this life is to serve humanity.
  • In addition, I would love to be a doctor because I don't want to see any poor die of any disease.
  • As a doctor, I would make sure that everyone gets proper medication on time & none dies of lack of negligence.

10 Lines on a Doctor 

  • A doctor is considered a very good and noble job all over the world.
  • Indeed, it is a very important profession.
  • Doctors cure millions of people who have several illnesses.
  • Doctors never get bored.
  • They always remain ready to treat others.
  • My dream is also to be a doctor.
  • I work very hard to achieve that goal.
  • I am quite optimistic that I would make my dream come true with my determination and hard work.
  • I want to provide free medicines to people.
  • Apart from it, I also want to make people aware of health and hygiene.
  • I want to impart to them some necessary medical care knowledge that everyone should have.
  • To summarize, I love this profession.
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