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There is so much fuss going on about the AGNEEPATH Scheme. Let's know what's The AGNEEPATH SCHEME & its benefits...

What is Agnipath Scheme Its Benefits & Eligibility ?


What is agneepath recruitment scheme?

Agneepath scheme is a new scheme launched by government of India to recruit those candidates who are interested in serving India. The candidates will be recruited in India Army, Indian Navy, & Indian Airforce for four years. Those candidates who will be recruited under the said scheme will be called Agniveers
The Agneepath Yojna was approved by the Indian government on June 2022. It will be implemented from September 2022. Both male and female aspirants can join the scheme.  Under the aforementioned scheme, 45K - 50K candidates will be recruited every year for serving in the Indian Armed Forces. Out of the total candidates recruited, only 25 percent will be passed to serve for further 15 years under permanent commission.

Eligibility criteria for Agneepath Recruitment Scheme

  • Those candidates who are between 17.5 - 21 years old can apply for the scheme (However, for the year 2022, the upper age limit is 23 years)
  •  Both males and females can apply.

Objective of the Agneepath Scheme

  • The main objective of the scheme is to reduce unemployment rate in the country.
  • It also aims to reduce the burden of salary and pension on the defence budget.
  • Another objective of the scheme is to bring down the average age of military personnel.

Benefits of Agneepath Scheme?

  • The scheme will provide aspirants an opportunity to don the uniform.
  • More than 45,000 will be recruited under the agnipath scheme.
  • It will also enable youth to pursue their higher education.
  • 25 percent of the total candidates will be selected for permanent service under permanent comission.
  • Agniveers will be paid 30,000 to 40,000 salary.
  • The selected candidates will also be given Rs 11.71 lakh as Seva Nidhi Package after completing their tenure, which will be exempted from Income Tax.

What is agneepath scheme controversy?

Several protests have erupted at different places recently against the agneepath scheme. Many defence aspirants who want to serve in Indian Army have raised many concerns regarding the above mentioned scheme. They say that their future is not secure if they are recruited under The Agnipath Scheme. The scheme is also being criticized for government failing to give permanent jobs to the youth. 

Short Essay on Agneepath Scheme Yojna

We all need jobs, right? However, there are some young people who want to serve in Indian army. So the government of India came with some good news for us few months ago. It announced Agneepath recruitment scheme for those people who want to serve in Indian army, navy, & airforce and want to continue their further education simultaneously. 

The Agneepath scheme was passed on 14th of May by the Union Cabinet. They assured that the recruitment process will be held soon to recruit young and energetic youths who have been waiting for years now to serve in Indian defence.  

The service tenure for the selected candidates will be four years. In addition, they will be trained for six months. 

Those candidates who will be willing to continue their services will be selected on their performance basis. Of the total candidates, only 25% candidates can continue their services after completing their 4 years tenure of the service. 

Those candidates who will be selected under the scheme will be called Agniveers. Agniveers can avail all the military allowances during their services. 

The government of India launched this scheme to give everyone a chance to serve in armed forces. In addition, they want to shift their defence budget from manpower to modernization of defence technology. 

Agneepath Scheme F&Q

Who can join Agneepath Scheme?

Any Indian citizen of 17.5 - 21 years old.

Can Girls apply for Agneepath Recruitment Scheme?

Yes, girls can also be recruited under the scheme.

When will Agnipath recruitment start?

Agneepath recruitment will start from September 2020.

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