Essay on Ecosystem Restoration in 500 words

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Essay On Ecosystem Restoration

Meaning of Ecosystem

An ecosystem may be defined as a group or we can say; a community of living and non-living things that interact with eachother and live in a particular environment.

Types of Ecosystems

Ecosystems are of 2 types;
  • Aquatic Ecosystems.
  • Terrestrial Ecosystems.

Now, let's know the examples of ecosystems.

Examples of Ecosystems

  • Urban Ecosystem.
  • Human Ecosystem.
  • Forest Ecosystem.
  • Agro Ecosystem.
  • Marine Ecosystem.
  • Tundra Ecosystem.
  • Savanna Ecosystem, etc.

Meaning of Ecosystem Restoration

Ecosystem restoration is a process of renewing & reversing the degraded, destroyed or damaged ecosystems. In simpler terms; Restoring the degraded and damaged ecosystem in its original form is called an ecosystem restoration. 

Importance of Ecosystem Restoration

  • An ecosystem restoration is necessary as it helps us to restore the degraded and polluted ecosystems in their original forms.
  • By restoring ecosystems, we can save our Earth from global warming.
  • An ecosystem restoration saves different endangered species from being vanished.
  • It is necessary for us to restore ecosystems in their original forms as it helps to maintain ecological balance in the environment.

Methods of Ecosystem Restoration

We can take several steps to restore our degraded and polluted ecosystems. Some methods of ecosystem restoration are as below;

1. Forests and trees are being cut every single day to feed the humanity's hunger for wealth and food. We can protect forests and trees by replanting more and more trees. We should not pressurise forests so that they can grow at their own pace. We also need to refrain from cutting forests and trees.

2. We all know, how important fresh water is for our survival. Freshwater ecosystems have been polluted by garbage, overfishing, irrigation, etc. We must halt the pollution. We should try to make our Freshwater ecosystems pollution free as much as possible. We should not use freshwater for irrigating our farmlands and for construction purposes.

3. Our intensive use of pesticides and fertilizers have polluted our farmlands. We can take several steps to preserve such farmlands from getting polluted such as ; using more natural fertilizers, reducing the use of pesticides, etc.

4. In cities, more & more buildings are being made. We cut trees & plants to build big and tall buildings. This leads to ecological imbalance and pollution. We need to refrain from such acts. We should build more parks in cities.  

Conclusion of Ecosystem Restoration Essay

To summarise; An ecosystem restoration is needed to reverse and restore the degraded and polluted ecosystems in their original forms. It helps to maintain ecological balance in the environment. It also makes our environment pollution free. Apart from it, it improves the livelihood of the species who rely on them.

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Essay on Ecosystem Restoration in 500 words

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