"Success comes to those who believe in themselves"

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Welcome to Examo Mentor, a dedicated blog for your success. 

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Do you know, I want to see a change in you, that's why Examo Mentor came into being.

I believe in change, Do you ?



Let me introduce myself, my name is Yawar Gulzar Baba, founder of Examo Mentor.

I am a student, doing English Honor's from Cluster University Srinagar.  

Our motive behind this website is to help students, who want to achieve their dreams.

Examo Mentor, guides students who are preparing for various exams, Like; SSC exams, Banking exams, Railway exams, NEET, UPSC exams etc.

The blog helps you to achieve your goals in less time.

Dream Big & Achieve Big.

You keep hustling,

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If you have any question or want us to help you, please, feel free to contact us;

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Admin, Yawar Gulzar Baba.

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