Importance of Trees in our Life Essay in English For Students 500+ Words

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Importance of Trees in our Life Essay

Importance of Trees in our Life Essay

Trees play a very vital role in our lives. Because trees provide us the most important components of life - Oxygen and Food. Without trees, life would be next to impossible on the planet -Earth. So let's read some essays on the Importance of Trees in our Life.

Importance of Trees in our Life Essay in 500+ Words

Why are trees Important?

Trees are an Integral part of our lives. Trees are important for our existence on the Earth. We won't survive without them as trees provide us oxygen to breathe and food to eat. We cannot think of human life without trees. In addition, trees maintain ecological balance in our ecosystem. Likewise, trees purify the air and clean water and soil. In other words, we can say that trees make the planet Earth a better place to live on. Also, trees provide us shelter. 

Trees absorb carbon dioxide which could lead to global warming. Trees save the earth from global warming. That is why , when trees are cut, the risk of global warming also increases. Furthermore, we get medicines from trees and plants. There are so many plants which are used as a medicine to cure deadly diseases like cancer. Trees also provide us firewood. Without trees, furnitures and wooden chairs and tables would not be possible. They also give us paper. In ancient times ,people would use wood for cooking their food. Even today, many people in rural areas do not have access to electricity and gas, hence, they use wood for making their food and keeping themselves warm from the harish and cold waves of winter.

Value of Trees ?

Trees are very important for our lives. Trees are the most important natural resources on earth. We are dependent on them for oxygen, food and shelter. Trees also provide us important resources such as Medicine, Wood, Paper, etc. They also provide us materials for buildings, houses, and places for religious, cultural, recreational significance. Trees also keep our environment clean and green. In ancient times, trees were being used for making weapons for hunting. Trees also save us from air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution. They also play an important role in water cycle. They also improve the quality of water. 

Benifits of Trees ?

  • Trees control soil erosion.
  • Trees protect us from global warming.
  • They help in the reduction of noise pollution and air pollution.
  • Trees are a habitat for wildlife.
  • Trees provide us medicines.
  • Trees give us oxygen to breathe.
  • Trees provide us food to eat.
  • Tress prevent us from ultraviolet rays.
  • Tress provide us wood for construction.
  • Trees generate employment opportunities.

Importance of Trees in our Life : Conclusion

Trees are very much important for our life. Unfortunately, we cut trees, without caring about its consequences. That's why today, we are struggling with global warming, noise pollution, air pollution etc. To make our planet worth survival, we must step in and take immediate steps to protect trees. We should plant more and more trees. The Government should also take strict action against those who are cutting trees mercilessly. To summarise, I would say, Trees are life.

10 Lines On Importance of Trees In Our Life

  1. Trees play an important role in maintaining the ecological balance.
  2. Trees give us oxygen and food.
  3. Trees are of thousands of types. 
  4. In ancient times, trees were being used for cooking food.
  5. Trees also provide us paper.
  6. Trees prevent us from soil erosion and floods.
  7. Trees are also used for making medicines and furnitures.
  8. We should save trees and aware people of its importance.
  9. Without trees, life is not possible on the Earth.
  10. Trees must be protected.
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