Essay on Environmental Pollution for Students 1000+ Words

Environmental pollution is a major concern in today's age of advanced technology. So in this article, we are going to dig into:
  • What is Environmental Pollution?
  • Different types of Environmental Pollution?
  • What Causes Environmental Pollution?
  • Effects of Environmental Pollution?
  • How to Control Environmental Pollution?
Essay on Environmental Pollution

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Environment means surrounding or conditions around us including living & non-living things such as plants, animals, and other non-living things. In simple words, environment means everything that surrounds us. It can be biotic or abiotic things. The environment is a very important part of our lives. Without it, we won't exist. However, it has been polluted severely. 

Now, that we know what an environment is. Let's understand what is environmental pollution? 

Environmental pollution may be defined as the contamination of the environmental components which are an essential part of our environment. In other words, environmental pollution is an undesirable change in our surroundings that has a very serious impact on plants and animals. 

There are different types of environmental pollution. Let's know.

Types of Environmental Pollution 

Air Pollution

Air pollution means the contamination of air because of the presence of unwanted substances in the atmosphere that are harmful to the health of humans and other living beings, or cause damage to the climate or materials. This is a major environmental issue in the present world. There are multiple reasons behind air pollution. Some of the major causes of air pollution are:
  • Carbon emissions from factories and industries.
  • Greenhouse gases.
  • Forest fires.
  • Construction of buildings.
  • Demolition of buildings.
  • Open burning of garbage waste.
  • Volcanic eruptions.
  • Dust.
  • Pollen grains, etc.

Water Pollution

Water is a precious & most important resource in our lives. Unfortunately, we have polluted it to a great extent. Water pollution means contamination of water which makes this precious resource unusable for drinking, cleaning, cooking, bathing, washing, & other uses. Some of the major causes of water pollution are:
  • Deforestation.
  • Use of pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals.
  • Use of drinking water for irrigation.
  • Global warming.
  • Throwing of plastic, tin, water cans, medical waste & other waste into the water bodies.
  • Urbanization.
  • Industrial activities.
  • Oil spills and nuclear fallouts, etc.

Sound Pollution

Sound pollution also known as noise pollution is also one of the most hazardous pollutions in today's era. Noise pollution also causes many problems for human beings as well as animals and plants. It causes sleeplessness in human beings. It also snatches human concentration power. It can cause; aggression, annoyance, cardiovascular diseases, and anxiety hypertension in human beings. Now, let us know some of the causes of noise pollution:
  • Construction works.
  • Industrial works.
  • Car horns.
  • Loudspeakers.
  • Music concerts.
  • Public events.
  • Thunders.
Now let's know what causes environmental pollution? 

Effects of Environmental Pollution

Environmental pollution causes heart attack risk, respiratory problems, asthma, irritation of the eyes, typhoid, infant mortality, respiratory allergies, and other severe health problems in human beings. Though the short-term effects of environmental pollution on humans are only physical, psychological & neuro-affections in the long run.

The effects of environmental pollution are not limited to humans only, it affects other species as well. Environmental pollution can cause a reduction in crops and agricultural products. Marine life is also gets severely affected by environmental pollution. It also kills fish and other aquatic life. Environmental pollution can also lead to acid rain. As we all know, acid rain kills aquatic life& acidifies the soil. 

Some other effects of Environmental Pollution are:
  • It Impacts the natural flora and fauna.
  • Causes depletion in the ozone layer.
  • Degradation of vegetation.
  • Imbalance in the ecosystem.
  • Makes limited resources more scarce.
  • Eutrophication.
  • Hazards to wildlife.
  • Droughts and famine.
  • Shortage of natural resources.

Ways to Reduce Environmental Pollution

Recycle and Reuse

We should make sure that we follow this major principle of recycling and reusing things. It will help us to reduce environmental pollution to a great level. Furthermore, it is cost-effective. It will save us money as well as the environment.

Save Energy 

The International Energy Agency released a report in 2016 with the key statement that “air pollution is an energy problem.”

Environmental pollution facts essay
via IEA

When we use fossil fuels for energy purposes, it releases many hazardous gases such as sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, etc. The gases are very dangerous for humans as well as other lives. That's why is very important to save energy. So that we can reduce the emission of such dangerous gases to a great extent.

Use Public Transportation 

As discussed above, when we use fossil fuels, it emits dangerous gases. The same thing happens when we use cars. Cars also produce pollutants that contribute to environmental pollution.

According to WHO, "the combined effects of ambient air pollution and household air pollution are associated with 7 million premature deaths annually." 

So to reduce this scary number, we all should come forward to rescue our environment. If we use public transport over private one, there would be a good positive change in our environment. It will help us to reduce environmental pollution.

Say no to Plastic

As we all know that single-use plastic bags and other plastic are very dangerous to our environment. The particular reason for this circumstance is that plastic bags do not decompose easily. So it is advisable not to use plastic bags if you love your environment.

Raise Awareness 

We need to teach people around us about environmental pollution. We have to tell them why it is important to save the environment. It will help to reduce environmental pollution to a great extent.

Use organic Agriculture Methods

Organic farming is a very good alternative to the use of pesticides and fertilizers and other chemicals. We should try to adopt this method into practice. It will help us to reduce air pollution. Most of all, organic food products are beneficial for health. 

 Practice Afforestation

We should plant trees and encourage others to do the same. The practice of afforestation helps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and other poisonous gases in the environment. 

Conserve Water

To save our environment from pollution, we should use less water. Because the less water we use, the less wastewater will end in seas. 

Use bi-cycles 

Using a cycle is a great way to save our environment from pollution, right? See, first of all, we do not have to buy fuel and all that stuff. Secondly, it is very beneficial for our health as it is a kind of exercise. And most of all it will help us to reduce environmental pollution. Isn't it a great idea?


To sum up, everything that has been demonstrated so far, as responsible humans and citizens, we must protect our environment from such hazardous contamination agents. If we don't care about our environment's current state, then future generations will have to face severe repercussions of our negligence.

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