About My Mother Essay in English 100, 200, 300, 500 Words

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about my mother essay

About My Mother Essay in English

Definition of MOTHER

The word mother is a very powerful word. We can not define the real meaning of the word - mother in words. A mother is a very important role on the earth. No one can exist without a mother. A mother is not only a birth giver but a lover, teacher, caretaker, and brave person who sacrifices her everything for her child. Her love for her children is pure and unconditional. She nurtures her children without expecting anything in return from them.


My mother is my role model. I get inspired by her hard work and dedication. She is very kind as well. She guides me. She always encourages me to work hard as be kind to others. She always tells me not to lie and not to indulge in bad activities. Whenever I am sick she sacrifices her sleep and takes care of me. She cares more about me than herself. Indeed, she is the epitome of selflessness. 

I love my mother because she is my first teacher. She has taught me so many things in life. She guided me when I was learning how to walk. She has taught me how to eat food and drink water. Furthermore, my mother has taught me how to take bath and how to stay clean. 

My mother has also helped me in my studies. She helped me when I did not know how to read and write. My mother has helped me to sharpen my mental abilities to a very significant level. 


  • My mother is very patient. She never gets angry with others unnecessarily. 
  • She wakes up early in the morning and goes on a morning walk. Indeed, she is a health-conscious person. 
  • My mother is also an avid reader. She loves to read books. Fictional books are her favorite.
  • My mother is also very kind and humble. And most of all she admits her mistakes and does not blame the same on others.
  • My mother is also very supportive and helpful. She takes care of every family member with love and kindness. Whenever any of our family members is sick, she looks after him/her.


Though mothers work very hard and take care of their family memebers, they hardly members get any appreciation from this male dominates society. They prepare food for us and try their level best to make us happy. It is our responsibility to acknowledge hard work and selfless nature. Their hard work and dedication should be appreciated. Because their role is very important for every human being on the earth. 

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