Essay on Why I Want To Become an IPS Officer in English 500+ Words

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Essay on Why I Want To Become an IPS Officer in English 500+ Words
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Why I want to become an IPS Officer Essay

Everyone one wants to do something great in their lives. Some want to become doctors, Engineers and some teachers. They want to crack prestigious national level exams and make their parents and teachers feel proud of them. They want to become inspiration for youngsters. 

Similarly, I also have my dreams and aspirations. I want to serve this nation. I want to make my parents and teachers feel proud of me.

My aim in life is to be an IPS officer. IPS  is considered one of the prestigious jobs. Every year so many aspirants sit for this post. There is cut-throat competition in this exam. I want to end corruption in my nation. IPS officers have so many powers. They can prevent miscreants from inciting violence. 
I want to give justice to those whose voices have not been heard for a long time. I want to make girls feel safe in our country. I want to punish those who break the laws of our constitution. 

I believe that we can achieve everything if we do hardwork regardless of talent. As someone has rightly said;
 ''Hardwork beats talent.''
I am trying to do my best. I read a newspaper and magazine every single day. It helps me to build my vocabulary and knowledge about the current happenings. I also listen to the interviews of the exam toppers. It helps me to inculcate their habits and routines into my own life. I have bought important books of an IAS exam. And I give them a read every day. Apart from the books, I have also decorated my reading room with beautiful and motivational quotes of great people like; Elon Musk, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Azad, and many more. Whenever I feel low, the quotes make me energetic and enthusiastic about my goal. 
We can achieve our goals if we split our goals into small chunks. And we take baby steps every day to reach our goal. 
"A dream without an action is nothing but merely a wish. "
I hope one day my dream will turn into a reality as I am working hard to achieve my dream. 

10 Lines on Why I want to become an IPS Officer

  • Who does not want to achieve big things in life? Everyone has his/her dream, So have I.
  • I want to become an IPS officer and serve this beautiful country.
  • IPS officers have so many powers.
  • I want to eliminate corruption and discrimination from my country.
  • And punish those who do harm to innocents.
  • I want women to feel safe. 
  • I am doing hard-work to achieve my dream.
  • I am trying to inculcate prerequisite officer qualities in myself.
  • I believe in myself and my dreams.
  • And I know with hardwork, perseverance and discipline, I will achieve my goal anyhow.

FAQs on Why I Want to be an IPS Officer

What is the minimum qualification eligibility of an IPS Exam?
What subjects are needed to become an IPS officer?
Minimum Educational Qualification required for this post is Graduation in any stream. (Arts, Science, Commerce)
How many stars does an IPS officer have?
3 Stars.
How many exams are there in IPS?
There are three exams; Preliminary Exam, Mains exam and the UPSC interview.

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