Essay on why I want to be a Cabin Crew in English 500+ Words

Why I want To Become A Cabin Crew Essay

Essay on why I want to be a Cabin Crew
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I understand that being a cabin crew is not only limited to serving food and drink to flight passengers. It is way beyond that. There are plenty of duties that cabin crews do. However, the main job is to make a customer feel content and welcomed. 

I think I am aptly suitable for this cabin crew job. I love to help others. In addition to it, I have good communication skills. I am currently the captain of our football team. As a result, I have learned many leadership and team-ship qualities. These are some of the prerequisites that this job demands.

Also, I am the kind of person who loves to help others. When I help someone,  I feel delighted and content.

The main job of a cabin crew is to deliver excellent customer service. As I said earlier, I love to help others. Also, I am a very good listener and learner. I'd like to give this job my best as I have always longed for this job role. 

Like a bird, I can't be in one place. I feel very comfortable being around people. As someone has rightly said, '' Life must be treated as an adventure." So, I live by the same principle. There should be something new and exciting in life. I think this job offers all of this, adventure, new experiences, new challenges, etc. 

Since I have always longed for this job, I think I can give my best in it. I am ready for helping others & overcoming challenges.

10 Reasons Why I Want To Be A Cabin Crew

  • I am a people person who likes to help others. I believe that I can give this job my best.
  • New challenges make me excited. When I help others, I feel delighted.
  • A cabin crew job has always been my dream job. So I would like to get a job and serve others.
  • I am a very outgoing person. I like to make myself grove in other people. So I think this job demands the same thing. Any person who can interact with others, and provide well customer service, is suitable for it. I think I have all of these qualities.
  • Flying in an airplane and being around people excites me. That's why I think I am suitable for this job.
  • I'd like to get experience of helping others. Since I am a team person, I think this quality of mine would help me in delivering good customer service. 
  • I love everything this job offers, new experiences, and new challenges. 
  • I have dreamt of this job for a long time now. I am ready to pursue this passion, to help others while traveling.
  • This is the job that I am pretty sure that I can dedicate the rest of my life to. Because I have always wanted to help others & travel the world. This job offers both.
  • I am a people person who loves to make new friends. I think this quality will help me in making travelers feel comfortable and convenient.
  • I think I am a very good fit for this job as I love to work under stress and feel calm during emergencies.

FAQ on Why I want to be a Cabin Crew? 

What does a Cabin Crew do?

The cabin Crews job is to deliver good customer service & to make them feel safe and comfortable throughout the journey.

Is it hard to become a cabin crew?

Nothing is hard in life if you are dedicated to achieving your dream anyhow. 

What qualifications do you need for a cabin crew?

It varies from airline to airline. However, you should at least have a diploma in cabin crew service or hotel management.

Which diploma is best for a cabin crew?

Advanced Diploma in cabin crew & airline management is the best course.

What is the difference between cabin crew and air hostess?

There is no difference between the two. They are just two words used for a single job.

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