Essay on My aim in Life to Become a Professor in English 500+ Words

A detailed essay on my aim in life to become a professor. Read till the end...

Essay on My aim in Life to Become a Professor in English 500+ Words

Essay on Why I want to Become a Professor 


Different students have different aims like doctors, policemen, engineers, lawyers, politicians, businessmen, etc. However, my aim is different from the said professions. I want to become a professor. My inspiration is my teachers who work hard and without any breaks to teach us. They are my role models. Though it needs a lot of dedication to become a professor. Nevertheless, I would love to be a part of this noble profession. As we all know, it is not easy to travel the path of legends. But those who endure such pain get success. 

Duties of a professor 

A Professor's profession is considered a noble profession. As it helps to build tomorrow's doctors, leaders, engineers, lawyers, businessmen, etc. Anyone who wants to join this noble cause must be dedicated and determined in the profession. A professor helps to create a better tomorrow.  Another role that a professor has to play is to make their students understand the subject matter between the lines. A professor helps students to read between the lines. The professor also helps his pupils to instill moral and ethical values. Most importantly, a professor inspires his/her students to be good citizens. 

What would I do after becoming a professor?

Teaching others has always been my passion. I teach others at my residence. It kind of gives me internal satisfaction whenever I teach anyone. To be honest, I don't have any extrinsic motivation for becoming so. My intrinsic motivation pushes me toward the goal - of becoming a professor. 

When I will become a professor, I would love to teach others. There are so many marginalized communities in our society. Many of them are excluded from educational, economic, and cultural life. I want to uplift such marginalized groups by teaching them. I want to make them aware of their social, political, educational, economic, & civil rights. It will help them to prosper in every aspect of their lives like other communities. 

In addition to it, I want to teach poor students free of charge. As we all know, how competition has grown over the past few years. These students are talented & they want to study. However, out of their poverty,  they are not able to afford hefty tuition fees. Therefore, they end up quitting their studies at a very early age. I would love to serve such kids who do not have the proper facilities to get an education. I would like to teach them free of cost. 


Everyone should have an aim in life. It helps to channel one's potential in the right direction. After all, one's aim should not - serve oneself but serve humanity. Everyone can serve humanity regardless of one's profession. It doesn't matter whether you have a good job or not. If you are committed to serving others, you can do that no matter what your profession is. 

Thank you for reading, my essay on my aim to become a professor

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