Essay on Why I want to be a Teacher In English 500+ Words

Teachers play an important in building any nation. They are also known as builders of a nation or nation builders. In this  Essay on Why I want to be a Teacher, we are going to read a detailed essay on it...

Essay on Why I want to be a Teacher

There are plenty of professions in the world. Every profession has its own importance. But above all the professions, teaching profession is called a noble profession. 

Everyone wants to get a respectable job. Some want to become doctors, some businessmen, & others engineers. I also have an aim in my life. I want to become a teacher. There are many reasons why I want to be a teacher. Some are as under:

Reasons Why I want to be a Teacher

  • This is one of the noblest professions of the world.
  • Not everyone is able to afford coaching and tutoring, I want to teach such students free of cost.
  • Many children's parents are not well educated. Therefore, they are not able to guide their children in the right direction. When I will become a teacher, I would love to guide & counsel such students.
  • In addition, I want to teach those students whose parents are not financially well off & can't send their wards to private coaching centres.
  • As we all know, there are so many government institutions in our country. However, only poor people send their children to such schools. Because, government schools are not able to compete with the private institutions. I want to change the current condition of the government schools. So that even poor people's children can compete with other students who are well off.
  • Apart from it, I want to revolutionize the education system of our country. I want to change our current curriculum from subject centred to child centred.  I would be beneficial for every student of the nation as they can choose their subjects as per their personal interests and capabilities.
  • I want to bring a moral and ethical change in our society. I can achieve this goal by becoming a part of this noble profession. 
  • These are the some of the reasons why I want to pursue such career path, a teacher.

What do you want to Teach as a Teacher?

I want to teach my favourite subject - English. I like reading & writing English very much. I want to do my graduation and masters degree in English. English is an International language. It helps us to explore different cultures and traditions. It's beyond borders. There is no border barrier to it. English is not only limited to speaking English or writing it. It has a vast scope. In English, we study English literature. In English literature, we read poems, novels, and epic stories. Since it's my favorite subject, that's why I want to become an English teacher.

Who is my Favourite Teacher?

As we all know, how hard teachers work to produce good results. We have more than thirty teachers in our school. I can't mention a particular teacher's name. Every one is my favourite teacher. They are like my mother. They take care of us. They guide where we make mistakes. If you have any doubt, they clear our doubts by repeating again and again. They sometimes scold for not doing our homeworks. It's necessary to curate & shape our personality to the fullest extent. They often motivate us to have high & big goals.  Anyone who is not financially stable, they help them as well. Our school has produced many doctors and engineers. Thanks to my teachers who work day and night to shape the future of us. They never say that we are bored. They treat us like their own children. 

Really, hats off to their consistent dedication and devotion to such a great & noble profession - a teacher.

10 Lines on Why I want to become a Teacher

  1. I want to be a teacher as it's a noble profession of the world.
  2. A teaching profession is a mother of all other professions.
  3. Teachers play an important role in shaping any nation.
  4. I want to become a teacher to teach others who are not able to afford tuitions.
  5. I want to bring a change in our education system.
  6. I want to guide those students who have no one to guide them.
  7. I want to become a teacher because it's the profession by which you can bring a positive change in any nation.
  8. Once I become a teacher, I would like to encourage poor people to send their children to schools.
  9. Those students who can not afford education, I want to teach them free of cost.
  10. Above all, I love this profession, that is why I want to become a teacher.
Essay on Why I want to be a Teacher In English 500+ Words

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Essay on Why I want to be a Teacher In English 500+ Words
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