Essay On My Aim To Become a Businessman in English 500+ Words

Here in this article, we are going to read a detailed essay on My Aim to become a businessman.
Essay On My Aim To Become a Businessman  in English 500+ Words

My Aim in Life To Become a Businessman Essay

Introduction - My Aim in Life to be a businessman

Life is not the same for everyone. Some are rich and some are poor. However, life gives every person equal opportunities. Anyone who can grab one eventually gets success. We must aim big to achieve high dreams. I think every person should have an aim in life. It helps one to get ahead of those who have no aim in life.

Different people have different ambitions in their lives. Some people want to work for humanity by joining NGOs and some want to become doctors, engineers, and lawyers. 

Likewise, I do have a dream in my life. I want to become a successful businessman. However, I don't want to be like traditional businessmen. I want to create some helpful and unique for others. Something that can solve some difficult problems. See, doing business is easy than solving a problem that adds up value to others' lives. I would like to be an entrepreneur who is creative and innovative.  Some things separate a successful businessman from an unsuccessful businessman. Let's see what qualities are needed for becoming a successful businessman.

Qualities of a successful businessman and entrepreneur 

  • A successful businessman loves to take risks. It's the major prerequisite quality for becoming a successful business person.
  • Leadership quality is another quality that a person should have for becoming a successful businessman. You should be able to guide and inspire others to work hard and smartly. You should be able to handle pressure when your company is not having a good time.
  • A business person should be able to hustle day and night without exhaustion. No doubt, everyone gets tired. But a business person should have a fighting spirit to work incessantly.
  • No matter how smart a business person is if you don't believe in your capabilities and yourself, you are doomed to fail. 
  • An entrepreneur always learns new things to analyze the market and competition.
  • Common people can't predict what is going to happen in the market in the future. However, a businessman should have a clear understanding of what is going to happen in the future market. 

Why do you want to be a businessman?

I want to become a businessman as you have not to work for any person or organization. I will be my boss. Furthermore, it gives you ample opportunities to solve real-life problems. Apart from it, I hate the 9-5 job schedule. I want to find a niche market and target that market to help them in solving their problems. I will be able to hire more people for my business. They will get employment via my business. I also think that my creativity to think out of the box will help me to start a successful business. Most of all,  I want to pursue this kind of career because I want to attain freedom. 


I aim to become a successful businessman as it will make me independent. Apart from it, I would be able to solve real-life problems of common people. As they say, being a businessman doesn't mean gaining profits but solving real-life problems and creating a business out of that. To summarize, becoming a businessman and entrepreneur has been my childhood dream.

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Essay on my dream to become a businessman