Essay on My Aim in Life to Become an Engineer in English 500+ Words

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Essay on My Aim in Life to Become an Engineer in English 500+ Words

250+ Words Essay on My Aim in Life to Become an Engineer

Everyone has different aims in life. Some aspire to become a doctor, some want to become a professor, & others want to become an IAS officer. I also have a dream in life. As someone has aptly said, " an aimless person is a directionless person." When you have an aim in life, it ignites you every single day to be optimistic. It encourages you to work harder and harder. Any person who has some aim in life wants to pursue it anyhow. Hard work and determination become their nature. 

My aim in life is to be an engineer. There are several reasons behind it. One is it allows you to work on difficult tasks. Engineering also helps you to develop critical and analytical abilities. One who opts for such a career has to analyze and observe things critically. In other words, it gives you a third eye. I love to take on new challenges. It makes life meaningful and interesting. What else do you need? You should be able to enjoy your life. Before choosing any career path one must have a clear understanding of his/her interests. Because at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what you do but what matters is what you enjoy doing.

I know engineering is a very challenging career option. Nevertheless, I would love to become an engineer as it has been my childhood dream. 

300+ Words My Ambition in Life to Become an Engineer Essay

Have you heard this quote, "an objective is an ambition, life without ambition is ..., well, aimless wandering." So what does it mean? Well, let me comprehend it for you. It means that anyone who has no ambition in life is like a wanderer who has no aim in life & no has no purpose. There is only one life. If we do not have any aim in life,  then what is the point of being here in this world. 

Everyone should have an aim in life. It becomes one's reason to get up every day in the early morning and start hustling.  When you an aim in life, you would never feel bored or depressed. It channelizes you in the right direction. And in the end, you achieve what you once desired. 

Similarly, I also have an aim in my life. My ambition is to become an engineer. I want to become a civil engineer. So that I can help my countrymen by giving them the best house designs. So that they won't get damaged during natural calamities like floods, wind, tsunamis, etc. I also want to design good roads and bridges. It will help to minimize the no of road accidents. 

I also want to contribute to innovation. I want to build such a system that can help people in natural adversities. I don't want to see any person die of natural calamities because of a lack of facilities. After all, engineering is another name for innovation. Engineering means solving the problems of the common masses and improving their lives. That's why I would like to become an engineer. 

500 Words+ Why I want to become an Engineer Paragraph 

Engineers are also known as innovators, designers, planners, architects, operators, and inventors. Engineering is a very important field in our society. When we look around us, we see many marvelous contributions of engineers. From a simple wheel to artificial intelligence, everything is because of engineering. When we read history, it tells us how hoses and towns were built perfectly in early cities like Mohenjadaro and Harrapa. They had a very unique drainage system as well. It all was possible because of engineering. In simple words, engineering is necessary for every facet of life. 

I also want to contribute from my end by becoming an Engineer. It has been my childhood dream. I know, it requires a lot of effort to get a seat in some reputed college. Nevertheless, I want to travel this road. I would work hard and achieve my dream. Achieving anything big in life is not easy. However, if hard work is put in incessantly, nothing is impossible to achieve in life. 

When I will achieve my childhood dream, I would like to teach others how to be self-reliant and independent. I think skill education would help to reduce the unemployment rate in the country. When everyone would start to work, it will help to grow our GDP. 

To summarize, I adore engineers so much.

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