ADSENSE is every blogger's favorite earning source. However, there is one nightmare that we all bloggers have. Could you guess? Well, it's an ad serving limit! If you're the one sailing in the same boat or your AdSense account is shown this Ad serving limit notification "Google AdSense ad serving has been limited" no need to worry about the issue.

We will give you the best solution to get rid of Adsense ad serving limits.

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Types of Ad Serving Limits

Have you ever given it a little thought, Why does Adsense place an ad serving limit on publishers' accounts? Before ad serving limits, Adsense used to ban websites from showing Adsense ads on their website without any warning. But now things have changed. Adsense doesn't directly ban the accounts that they think are trying to spammy kinda work. It throws them with Adsense ad limit. 

Why do they do this? Google wants to protect advertisers from fraud. Advertisers spend their hard-earned money to show ads, so they should not be spammed. To make Google Adsense Trustworthy, Google takes such steps. 

There are two types of Adsense Ad Serving Limits, such as;

Adsense Account Being Assessed: 

This kind of Adsense ad limit is put when Google Adsense wants to know the traffic quality of your website. They want to know what your traffic source is and its quality. 

Invalid Traffic Ad Limit

This type of Ad limit occurs when Google Adsense detects some invalid traffic and clicks on your website. It's also a temporary ad limit. This type of ad limit can also happen if you are clicking on your ads to earn more and more money. 

What to do to remove Ad Serving Limits from our Adsense Account?

There are a plethora of so-called SEO experts out there who recommended to remove all your ads from your website. Also, they advise you to turn off automatic ads on your website. To be honest, their advice does not help. If anyone is recommending you remove ads from your website, don't pay heed to him. 

However, if your website has more ads than your content, reducing the no of ads from your website is advisable. You don't want to look spammy, right? You should try to add value to your readers. Furthermore, try to increase your user experience. 

How to fix ad serving limit on Google Adsense Account - Solutions

First of all, you do not need to panic. It's not a big deal to solve this problem. Google has an automatic system that suspects any invalid activities on your website. If it does detect any invalid activities, it will put an ad serving limit on your website for some time. After some time the ad limit notification disappears automatically. 

There are some steps you can take to fix and protect your Adsense account, such as;
  • If you have received an email of Adsense limit on your website, try to figure out what's wrong with your website. 
  • Check your traffic source & try to increase organic search traffic.
  • Do not visit your website again and again. As you may already know, Google pays for no of impressions on your ads as well. So if you want to check your website for some reasons, you should install ad blockers on your system.
  • Don't try to manipulate your audience by placing your ads in unnecessary places on your website, such as a menu bar, search bar, etc.
  • Make navigations easy on your website.
  • Don't send paid traffic to your blog & website.
  • Also, do not encourage your readers to click on your ads.
  • Don't click on your ads.
  • Continue to work on your website.
  • Don't turn off your ads as Google might be evaluating your traffic quality on your website.
  • If you think some unknown IP visiting your website, you should use bot blocker software. You can also use Google's fraud detection service to protect your websites and apps. 
  • Google advises not to promote your website and blogs with unsolicited emails. 
  • It also advises that publishers can not redirect their users to unwanted pages. 
  • In addition to it, make sure you comply with the Google Adsense Policy.  
  • If you follow the above instructions, ad serving limit will automatically resolve.

FAQ on Adsense Ad Limit

What does ad serving limit mean?

Ad Serving Limit is a Kind of Adsense Account enforcement that Google puts when it detects any invalid traffic activity on your website. It restricts the number of ads you can show on your website.

What are some solutions for "Ad serving limit placed on your AdSense account"?

You should wait till Google evaluates your website traffic quality. If you think you have some issues on your website, you should fix them. 

What is invalid traffic Ad Limit?

Invalid Traffic Ad limit is placed on your website when Google detects any invalid activities on your website. The invalid activities may include bot traffic, send your blogs via unsolicited emails, making your friends to click on your ads, clicking on own ads, or visiting your website again and again.

What is website being assessed ad limit?

This limit occurs when Google is assessing your website traffic quality. If your website has this kind of ad limit, try to increase organic search traffic. 

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