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Essays on My Hobby Playing, Reading Books, Gardening, Traveling, Painting, Dancing

Essays on My Hobby, Paragraphs and speeches on my Hobby for students and children

A hobby is an activity that we love to do in our free and leisure time. Everyone loves doing what he/she loves. Different people have different choices for hobbies. Some love painting, dancing, singing, playing a guitar, reading books, watching T.V and some love to use this free time playing video games, going for a walk, traveling, swimming, driving, gardening, etc. 

My Hobby Travelling Essay

My hobby essay
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Going from one destination to another, learning from nature itself, understanding different cultures, exploring diverse villages, cities, and countries, is known as traveling. Everyone travels from one city to another for different personal purposes. But for some people like me, traveling is a hobby. 

Traveling can be referred as hobby when you do it for having fun, learning from real life experiences, observing nature, and exploring different cultures and traditions.

I love traveling from one place to another. I can't explain how much I am into it. It is one of the best hobbies that I have ever had. I love seeing different types of people. I love being around different types of cultures. Traveling adds up spicy to life & makes life happy and content. I love meeting people and having friendly conversation with them. Since I am in love with traveling, I don't like to settle at one place.

I have 2 friends who also are into traveling. They have same quest for traveling as me. We go for traveling together. We love traveling to historical and cultural heritage site.

We have traveled and explored so many places in India as well as in the world. In 2019, we visited to Dal Lake, Kashmir. We also visited to Pahalgam in Kashmir. There in Kashmir, we did snowboarding. We enjoyed a lot. We also had friendly & good conversations with Kashmiri people. 

In 2021, we went to Turkey for traveling. We enjoyed a lot there. We explored their cultures. In Turkey, we went to Hagia Sophia, Ephesus, Cappadocia, Topkapi Palace. We also explored turkish food, culture and tradition. That was an amazing experience. 

I have compiled all my travelling experience in my laptop. Whenever I feel bored, I love watching my traveling movies. 

Traveling from one place to another, teaches you so many different things. You get to know about different cultures and traditions by traveling.  It makes you new friends. Traveling gives you a new perspective. In addition, it is beneficial for one's physical as well as mental health. It makes life interesting and joyous.

To me, TRAVELING is life. It has become my reason for my life. Without traveling, my life would be boring and dull. In short, I love traveling so much.

My Hobby Reading Books Essay

Essay on my hobby in English
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Everyone loves doing something different and enjoy full activities in their free time. Likewise, I love reading books in my free time. I am an avid reader since my childhood. 

We live in an age where there is no scarcity of distraction. There is not even a single moment when your attention is not being pulled to different types of content pieces. Be it social media or video games, we often get distracted by these cool things. However, everything is cool to some extent. If we over use something such as social media, games, mobile phones, Television, we can fall prey to these things. 

To keep away my mind from such menaces, I love keeping myself busy in reading books. Books are my best friends. I love spending time with them. Reading gives me energy and beautiful vibes. It widens my knowledge. Reading books makes me happy and content. When I read a book, I immerse myself completely into it. Reading helps you get to know about different types of people and cultures. It can also help you build your bright future. Reading keeps you away from this sophisticated age of digital era. 

I love reading different types of books. Fiction as well as non-fiction are my interests. It depends on my mood whether to read fiction or non-fiction. However, I read regularly. My favourite book is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. It is a fictional book, though. I love reading it again and again. It gives me positive vibes. It motivates me to work on my goals and dreams. 

When you a friend like a good book, nothing can make you feel sad or unhappy. You can read a book to make yourself feel good. It is an ultimate source of knowledge, happiness, entertainment. Reading a book improves our cognitive nervous system. It makes our mood happy and healthy. It also improves one's imagination, creativity, and memory power. 

Reading a book makes us feel relaxed and unstressed. Reading a book helps us to understand different complicated stuff. It makes our brains intelligent. 

Scientific researches have shown that one who is used to reading, never feels stressful or depressed. Reading makes one feel positive and content.

Due to digitalization, our habit of reading is fading away day after day. We must inculcate this habit of reading in our lives so that we can get most out of it. After all, reading is an healthy activity. 

To summarise, my advice to those who are not into reading is, Read! Read! Read!

Essay on My Hobby Gardening

Essay on my hobby
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Hobby means doing something different other than your profession in your leisure/free time. Different types of people have different leisure time activities. There are so many hobbies in the world like; singing, dancing, hiking, snowboarding, writing, learning a language, reading a book, etc. However, my favourite hobby is gardening. 

Digging the earth, making small beds of soil, planting flowers and plants, taking care of such plants by watering, is known as gardening. I love doing gardening. I have a small and beautiful garden near my home.  Everyday, I work in my garden for 3 hours. I dig the earth and make it smooth for plantation. I dig and loose the earth with spade and weed out the grass from my garden. I aslo water my flower plants regularly. 

In my garden, I have different kinds of flowers such as Chinese Roses, Jasmine plants, Tulip plants, Daffodil plants, Tube roses, sunflowers, and many more. These flowers are so beautiful and attractive. My friends often visit to my garden and take pictures in it. 

Gardening is a very rewarding and pleasent activity. Since you have to dig the earth and weed out grass from the earth, it can be beneficial for you physical health. You can enjoy your free time in your garden inhaling the fresh air in the garden.

To Sum up, I love spending my free time in my garden, growing and taking care of my small, delicate and beautiful plants.

Essay on My Hobby Painting/Drawing

My hobby essay
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Different people like to spend their leisure time in different ways. Some spend it by singing, dancing, playing cricket and some by doing skillful stuff. 

Likewise, I love to do painting and drawing in my leisure time. It is my favourite hobby. I have been doing it since my childhood. My parents also support me in this hobby. They encourage me to pursue my career in Drawing and painting. My teachers also give me appreciation for it. In addition, I love to take part in different painting and drawing competitions. I have also won several awards in different inter-district, inter-state competitions.

Painting and drawing is an art. However, it can be acquired through rigorous practice and patience. It makes one intelligent and creative. 

A human mind can be more intelligent than a computer. A computer is programmed to do a particular task. However, a human minds do not need any such programming. A computer use pre-set patterns to do a particular kind of task & computers can not be creative. In contrast, a human mind is creative in nature. Painting and drawing needs creativity. If you paint regularly, it will make you more creative and visionary. 

When I start drawing and painting, I feel happy and content. I paint and draw everyday. I am inspired by the paintings and drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, and Salvador Dali. The paintings of these artists inspire me a lot to work on my hobby. 
Artists love to portray everyday life in their art pieces. I also love to draw the attention of people by painting and drawing reality in my arts. I give a lot importance to realism in my art. Though it's not easy for a common person to interpret anyone's art, realism can be easily seen in my art works. 

To conclude: I Love Drawing and Painting reality and history in my paintings and drawings. 

My Favourite Hobby Playing Football Essay

Essay on My hobby
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Everyone loves to do something different in their free time. It is beneficial for our health. It makes us skilled. In my free time, I love playing cricket. Undoubtedly, football is the most popular and famous outdoor game in the world.

Football is full of thrill and suspense. It is a game of uncertainty. Indee, playing Football is fun and exciting. 

As the name "Football" suggests, it's played with feet. In some countries, it's also called soccer. Football is played between two teams. And each team comprises of 11 players. There is one goal-keeper in a football team. 

I started playing football when I was 7 years old. In the beginning, I used to play football with my father. He taught me many amazing skills of football. I have been playing football for 2 hours every day since my childhood. Now, I am a good football player with an excellent and amazing skills. I love to play football with my friends. We have a big playing ground in our locality wherein I along with my friends play football for hours every day. We also have a football coach who guides us in playing football. 

Playing football has increased my confidence. It also helps to get rid of anxiety and depression. It has taught me to be hardworking and dedicated. It teaches me how to maintain co-operation with other teammates. It has taught me many life lessons which I can use in my life. It has taught me that success and failure are a part and parcel of life. 

To summarise, Football is the game that you won't regret playing. You should play football, for it makes one relieved from anxiety and boosts your immune system.

My Favourite Hobby Dancing Essay

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Hobbies are our important and crucial part of our lives. Hobbies serve as a stress reliever. A good hobby enhances our health and fitness.  It makes us feel content and joyful. 

In this era of modernization and digitalization, we spend our enormous amount of time on the internet and social media sites. We have no time for any joyful and productive activities. We have forgotten the value of immersing oneself into nature and some creative activities. Everyone after their daily hectic schedule should do something different in their free time. 

Hobbies open the doors of happiness and good health. Different people have different hobbies. In the same way, I also have a favourite and fantastic hobby. I love dancing. It is my favourite hobby that I have ever had.

Many people love dancing in their leisure time. Some do it professionally. However, to me, it's a hobby.  I like dancing in my free time. I dance for two hours everyday. It makes me happy.

Dancing is a way of escaping from the harish and cruelty of life. However, dancing requires a lot of patience and perseverance. Dancing is a passion for people like me who do it for fun and joy. Dancing is not just an art, it's an emotional expression. 

There are various styles of dances such as; Ballet, Tap Dance, Hip Hop Dance, Swing, Jazz Dance, Modern Dance, etc.

To summarise, I love dancing as it makes me feel content and happy.

FAQ on My Favourite Hobby Essay

What's your favourite hobby?

My favourite hobby is playing football.

What is your hobby paragraph?

A hobby is an activity that we love to do on our free time. Different people have different hobbies. It depends on their interests. However, my favourite hobby is singing. A good hobby makes you happy and healthy. 

What are cool and good hobbies?

Some of the cool hobbies are Reading, Writing, Swimming, Cycling, Walking, Traveling, etc.

What are the advantages of a hobby?

A hobby can be useful as it can make your time productive and enjoyable. A hobby is beneficial for your good health and fitness. It can make you free from anxiety and depression, etc. 
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Essays on My Hobby Playing, Reading Books, Gardening, Traveling, Painting, Dancing in 500+ Words

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