Essay on Justice Delayed is Justice Denied in English 750+ Words

Every nation has its judicial system. If we are deprived of our rights, where do we head to? Well, we file our cases in judicial courts. But what if we are not served justice in time? In this article, we will be providing a detailed essay on JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED.

Essay on Justice Delayed is Justice Denied in English 500+ Words

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Justice Delayed is Justice Denied Meaning 

"Justice delayed is justice denied is an adage/maxim which means if justice is not served timely, it is as if no justice is served. The fundamental principle of this maxim is that justice must be delivered timely to victims as well as to culprits. The phrase " Justice Delayed is Justice Denied" has become very popular among legal activists who criticize the government, judiciary, & judges who act too slowly in serving Justice to the people.

Who said, Justice Delayed is Justice Denied?

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied maxim was coined & said by William E. Gladstone, one of the influential political leaders & former British Minister. Martin Luther King also used the phrase in his letter from Birmingham Jail. 

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied Essay in 300+ Words


We all believe in the judicial system. It's noble & has jurisdiction over any other systems. Regardless of our religion, caste, creed, gender, or region, we all have good faith in our judicial system. But what if we don't get timely justice in our courts. We lose hope, right? The judicial system is believed to be fair & just. It should bring the culprits to justice & should make sure no injustice is happening in the state. But what type of justice? It should deliver timely justice.

The legal maxim, Justice delayed is justice denied nicely conveys the importance of timely justice. The maxim fits aptly with the current scenario of the state. 

According to reports, there is almost 4.4 Crore pending cases, particularly in District & sub-District courts of India. Of the total number of pending cases, nearly 64 percent of cases are pending for a year. 

Delayed verdicts in judicial hearings are a matter of concern. If we go to school or any institution for that matter, time is given the utmost importance, as it should be given. After all, we have limited time and every second of our lives is important. If we lost money, we can recover. However, life and money are the only two things that can not be gotten back if once lost.

As we discussed above, every institution pays so much attention to time. However, our judicial system is lagging. The delay in judicial verdicts and conclusions is a clear sign of how much our courts value time. No doubt, we are not blaming judges and all. There are other factors responsible for the same as well.

A recent example of delayed justice is the Nirbhaya Case, the r*pe & assault murder** that occurred on 16 December 2012. The victim was born in a working-class family. She aimed to become a doctor. In this case, four men were for the same. However, they were hanged after seven years. 

There are plenty of delayed cases that I can give you. In addition, there exist such cases as well in which accused people are put in a lock-up & they are neither proven guilty nor innocent for many years. They also become indirect victims of this kind of delayed judicial system.

What happens if Justice is delayed?

Whenever any person's rights are violated, it's the & responsibility of the judicial system to deliver justice to the victims & bring culprits to justice. However, if justice is not delivered within a specific period, it has negative impacts on the people. So let's discuss some.
  • Delays in justice drain the victims mentally, physically, & financially. As we all know, how much money lawyers charge for a single hearing. It becomes very difficult for the common man to pay such charges during court trials. He then prefers to settle the matter without availing justice.
  • Another major effect it has is that more and more people get involved in crimes. See, if the judicial system is not bringing culprits to justice, it's obvious that there would be no concept of law and order in a state. 
  • Moreover, people who have faith in the judiciary lose their expectations of the judicial system.

Reforms Needed in Justice Delivery in India

For ensuring that justice is delivered as soon as possible, the Economic Survey 2018-19 suggests:
  • The no of working days of the judiciary shall be increased. So that pending cases can be resolved as early as possible.
  • Technology should be introduced into the judicial system. For example steps like e-Courts Mission Mode Project & The Judicial Data Grid should be taken.
  • It also suggested increasing the number of judges to enhance productivity in the judiciary.


As they say, Justice delayed is justice denied, the government needs to take proper steps to make sure that no one is deprived of justice. It will help to build the faith of people in the Judicial system. 

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