Essay On Farmers Protest in English 500+ Words

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Essay On Farmers Protest in English 500+ Words

Farmers Protest Essay 

The parliament of India passed the Indian Agricultural Acts of 2020 also known as Farm Bills on 17th September 2020. The bills were approved by the Lok Sabha on 17th September and by the Rajaya Sabha on 20th September 2020. And the president of India (Ram Nath Kovind) gave his assent on 27th September 2020.

Key Provisions of The Farm Bills

  • The Bills allow farmers to sell their produce out APMC Mandis to whoever the farmers wish to sell the their produce.
  • The motive of the laws was to help small and marginal farmers who do not have any medium to bargain fo their crops ( Produce).
  • The farm bills were enacted to liberalise and deregulate the market.
  • According to the government, the famers of India will get empowered by the farm bills. And the laws will enable them to enter into agreements with big traders and multinational companies, etc.
  • Before the farm laws, middlemen used to take a large share of the farmers produce income. But, now with the farm laws, farmers will get freedom to sell their produce without middlemen.

Why were famers protesting?

  • The farmers fear that the farm bills will minimise the govt's role in agriculture sector and the laws will give more power to control the agricultural sector to the private sector.
  • The farmers raised the issue that the farm bills give importance for corporate interests than farmer's interests.
  • The farm bills state that the farmers are free to sell their agricultural produce to anyone they want outside the AMPC mandis. And there will be no cost on this.
  • Due to the above reason, the middlemen and market traders fear that they will now get no comission.  They will lose jobs and the APMC system would be destroyed.
  • Farmers also claim that the government will now stopp buying crops at the minimum support price (MSP).
Farmers all across the country were against the farm laws. The farmers were protesting against the laws, especially those from Haryana, Punjab and U.P. 

The famers wanted nothing except the complete revocation of the farm  bills. They were determined on their commitment. 
The farmers protest began on 25th November last year. They marched towards the national capital, New Delhi, demanding a complete abrogation of the farm bills. The protest was named as a '' Dilli Chalo" Campaign. 
But after so many protests by the farmers and their commitment not to step back from the protests, the government of India finally announced to repeal the laws. 

Prime minister, Narendra Modi announced to repeal the three farm laws in December 2021. And PM Modi urged to the farmers to end the long going protest and go back to their respective homes and fields.

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Essay on Farmers Protest in English

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