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Essay on Digital Collaboration in  Classrooms Essay

Digital Collaboration In Online Classrooms Essay

When we underwent Covid-19 lockdown, the educational sector got hit severely. But, thanks to the internet, made online classes possible. Online classes have so many advantages such as; flexible, cheap and student-oriented, etc.

Nevertheless, there are some challenges as well.
We all know, how difficult it is to conduct online classes and make sure, every student is engaged in the classroom. Since, we are used to offline classes, focusing on online classes can be challenging.

Another drawback of online classes is that we are not able to interact with our classmates and teachers. 

Now, the question remains, 
How can we tackle such obstacles?

The first thing a teacher can do is to use video conference apps like; Skype, Zoom, etc. This will fill the lack of communication and interaction gap. Students can ask questions to their teachers by using such video-calling apps. 

Others things a teacher can use to make a class more collaborative and interactive are whiteboards, Screen sharing tools, and pointers.

A teacher should make sure everyone in the class is paying attention to the lecture. He can do this by asking questions. 

Students should be grouped in small groups based on their interests. And they should be given collective assignments. 

Digital literacy should not be ignored. We have advanced technology. But, we need to make students digitally literate so that they can make the best use of such digital learning platforms.

Conclusion Of Digital Collaboration in online Classes Paragraph

When it comes to Digital Collaboration in online classes, teachers, students, and parents should work together to reach the final goal.
Digital Collaboration is necessary for the effectiveness of online classes. Digital Collaboration means working together with other classmates to reach the final goal. 
In Digital Collaboration, students share ideas and work in small pairs. It allows pupils to work on their communication and listening skills. Digital collaboration helps students understand the importance of teamwork and togetherness. 

Teachers can play a pivotal role in helping students to learn how to collaborate. 
Students should be given opportunities to develop their leadership and management skills. 

I will summarize my essay with the following quote;

"One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world."

For More Information about The Digital Collaboration in Classrooms, Watch the below Video... 

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Digital Collaboration in classrooms Paragraph

Essay on Digital Collaboration in Classrooms Essay

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