Essay on Importance of Reading in 100, 150, 200, 300 Words for Students

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Essay on  Importance of Reading in 150 Words For Students
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Importance Of Reading in 150 Words

According to the study conducted by the University of Sussex, "Reading reduces stress by 68%."

Reading is one of the best and most beneficial habits one can ever acquire in one's life. It is an asset that offers so many benefits. One who reads books becomes smarter than those who don't. 

Reading books and magazines every day increases our knowledge, experience, and wisdom. It enhances our general knowledge. 

We get to know about the different writing techniques. Hence, we become good writers.
Someone has aptly said;
"A good writer is a good reader."

Reading is the best source of information and knowledge. Reading enhances our knowledge. It sharpens our vision.  A person who reads sees the world differently. It gives us a new perspective of viewing things.
Abbas Mahmoud al-Akkad has rightly said; 
"Reading adds to the age of man other ages.''

Importance of Reading Essay  

  • Reading books lets us know, the experiences of great scholars, writers, doctors, teachers, and scientists, etc.
  • Apart from this, reading helps us to improve our vocabulary, communication, and comprehension skills. 
  • Reading books is good for the development of the brain. Because reading improves our thinking, learning, and speaking ability.
  • Some other benefits of reading are as under;
  • Reading boosts our mood.
  • Reading books helps us to get rid of anxiety and depression.
  • According to the research conducted and published by a neuroscientist, Stanislas Dehaene, " Reading strengthens our occipital and parietal lobes of the brain.
  • Reading is a good exercise for our brains. It helps us to process information easily.
  • Similar research shows that a person who loves to read books does well in academics.
  • Reading makes us empathetic.
  • It also increases our confidence.
  • It helps us in sleeping.
Now, at last, I would like to summarize the essay with the following quote of Federick Douglass;
"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free."

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