Slogan On My Vote Is My Future – Power Of One Vote

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Slogan On My Vote Is My Future – Power Of One Vote

Slogan on my Vote is My Future - Power of one vote

Let's Vote and make our voice heard!


Let's vote for the development of our country.


Let's be responsible & vote.
Our voice is our vote!


Every vote matters as it has the power to change the world.


Voting is our right as well as our duty.


I vote because it's my duty.


Never underestimate the power of each vote. It has the potential to change the world.


Always use your vote for the development of your country.


A vote has the power to change everything, education, economy, society, etc.


Let's make our tomorrow beautiful by voting for our better tomorrow.


Bad leaders are elected by those who don't vote.


A man who does vote has no right to complain. Therefore vote & choose your leaders wisely.


Each country is defined by its people who vote.


Make good use of your right & vote.

Voting is something that we must never take for granted.


When we have been given a right to vote, why to waste it? 


What's the point of your citizenship, if you don't vote.


Let's make our country great by casting our votes.


My vote is my right & voice.


Bad leaders are chosen by those bad citizens who don't vote.


The vote is precious & our right. It's one of the non-violent tools that can be used to used to change the fate of the country.


You have got to vote, vote vote, that's how a country progresses. 


It's not enough to just wish to change the world, you have to go & make a change by voting.


If you don't go & vote, you lose the right to complain.


Someone struggled day and night for your right to vote, so use it wisely.


Voting is our commitment to one another and the world. 


I love voting day. I love seeing my countrymen voting.

The only way to change the world is by voting & choosing the right person for the leadership. 


My Vote is my future that's the power of one vote.


Democracy gives us the right to vote, so vote, vote vote!


By voting we express our unheard voices.


People who want to change the world, should vote.


Voting means expressing. 


Leaders do not change the world, voters do. 


To make one's voices heard one must vote. 


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