Paragraph on My Favourite Book

I am an avid reader. I have been reading books since my childhood. Today we are going to give you some paragraphs on my favorite book. I hope you will like these short paragraphs on my favorite book.

Paragraph on My favorite Book
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My favorite Book Paragraph 100 Words

Books never leave you alone. A book can change your life forever. Instead of scrolling down on social media, one should read books. Books have the power to change our thought processes. Anyone who loves to read books sees and thinks differently. As someone has aptly said, '' There is no more loyal friend than a book." If you feel lonely or sad, you can change your mood by reading a book. Books act as a stress reliever. 

I am also an avid book reader. I read fiction as well as non-fictional books. Of all the books I have read so far, The Alchemist is my favorite book. In this book, the author tells us a story of a shepherd boy named Santiago. He goes on a journey to the Egyptian pyramids to seek treasure after having recurring dreams about the treasure. He learns various important lessons of life and most importantly, finds true love on the way. 

This book taught me some great lessons. It taught me we should never give up on our dreams. Furthermore, we should never undermine our capabilities of ourselves. Most importantly, this book taught me that we learn through the process. 

I read this book again and again. This book is a masterpiece. I will always love this book.
My favorite Book Paragraph

Paragraph on My favourite Book 150 Words

A room without books is like a body without a soul. Books are the best investment in improving oneself. Books never betray like fake friends. They help us to travel and see the world without actually traveling. Books have the power to change our moods. If you feel bored, you can start reading books and you are again energized. Many authors share their life experiences in books. If we read those books, we will be able to know their experiences in a single reading. Furthermore,  books broaden our minds. They help us to gain knowledge. We get to about different cultures and traditions through books. In nutshell, books are a great source of gaining knowledge and broadening one's vision.

I love reading books. I have been reading books for almost 7 years now. I think books have taught me a lot of things. Firstly, book reading has helped me to improve my speaking and writing skills. Secondly, I have gotten to know about different cultures via reading books. 

Although I read both fiction as well as nonfiction books, my favorite book is IKIGAI. IKIGAI is a book written by Hector Gracia and Francesc Miralles. The word IKIGAI is a Japanese concept that means to find one's reason of being. In this book, the authors tell ua how we can find our IKIGAI and live a happy life. It also gives us insights into the eating of people of a small village in Japan where people live longer than the rest of the world. It tells us about their diet and exercise habits.

I highly recommend reading this book. Anyone who loves reading should consider reading the above-mentioned book. 

My favourite Book Essay in 300 Words

A book is a gift you can open again and again. Books are our real friends. Because books never abandon you. Books have the power to make you content and sad. They have the power to make you feel happy. Furthermore, books can make us travel to different locations without requiring us to move from our actual location. 

My teachers and parents always encourage me to read books. I always love to buy books. Because I love a room full of different types of books. I can read any book whenever I wish to read. Furthermore, I love the aroma and scent of books. I have read many books. I love reading classic books like Sophocles, The Pot of Gold, The Odyssey, etc. 

As mentioned above, I love reading classic books. My favorite book is The Iliad by Homer. The Iliad by Homer is my favorite book because it is written most nicely. This book is worth reading. It teaches us many lessons. Some of the themes that are evident in every line are;
  • Love and Friendship.
  • Fate and Freewill.
  • Honor.
  • Courage to fight.
  • Leadership.
  • Respecting Family Bonds.
The Iliad by Homer is my favorite classic book. The setting and literary devices used in the book are remarkable. It also gives us a glimpse of Greek mythology. 

Anyone who loves reading classic books should give it a read as it will not disappoint you. 

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