Importance of Education Essay: Education is a tool by which we can shape the lives of people. It is a tool to improve one's life. In today's article, we will discuss THE IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATION.

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Importance of education essay
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Education is an all-around development of a personality. By all-around development I mean, physical development, psychological development, and spiritual development. 

The above definition of education aptly summarizes the meaning and importance of education. Education teaches us how to read, write and speak. However, education is not only limited to reading and writing. It also teaches us how to behave. It teaches us good manners as well.

Education is very important to change one's thought process and attitude towards life. It teaches us how to think rationally and reasonably. It also teaches us what is right and what is wrong. It teaches us to differentiate between justice and injustice. 

According to Aristotle, Education means "the creation of a sound mind in a sound body." To bim, education means the development of a moral character as well as a rational mind in a child. 

Education is very important to live a happy life. It gives us a new outlook. It also makes an individual a complete human being. Because education teaches us moral, social, and other necessary values. It teaches us how we should behave. 

Furthermore, education is very helpful in getting employment. Those who are educated are more likely to get a good job than those who have never been to school. It opens up new job opportunities for those who get it. 

Education is not only helpful in getting employment, but it also helps in day-to-day life. Those who are educated can make good decisions based on their knowledge of science and technology. It also helps us to make wise judgements. 

Education also teaches us the interpretation. Those who are highly educated can interpret things very well through their knowledge of science, literature, and the past. 

All great people who have contributed to making this world a better place to live always encouraged people not to undermine the importance of education. Great philosophers like Plato, Socrates, Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela thought that education is the only tool through which we can attain individual as well as social liberty. 

Education also helps us to advance in science and technology. All the innovations that have been made so far, are because of education. It has helped us to land on Moon. We use the Internet because of it. AI and Machine Learning are also products of education. 

Education is also helpful in living a great life. It helps to eradicate poverty. An educated person can get a good job and live a good life. He is more likely to pay taxes on time which will help in the country's development. 

Any state that has a high literacy rate has also a low crime rate. From this observation, we can say or interpret that education helps in reducing the number of crimes. Anyone who has gotten an education knows the difference between right and wrong. Therefore, education helps us in crime reduction. 
Importance of Education Essay

Importance of Education in a Society Essay

Education is very important for the development of our society as well. Education helps in creating good citizens. Education teaches us history and the past. It also helps us make better decisions in life. Anyone who is educated can contribute to society by serving it. 

Education also brings maturity to individuals. As we all know, any society that is highly educated is more likely to make progress in every sector. It can help us to eradicate discrimination and other prejudices in our society. 

To summarize, education is very significant in attaining real freedom, ie; Individual freedom. It leads us from darkness to light. Education is a basic right that should not be neglected or violated. 

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