Essay On Why I Want To Become A Lawyer

Lawyers play a crucial role in delivering justice to victims. A lawyer helps others to get their rights. Today, we will read an essay on why I want to become a lawyer. 

Essay on Why I want to become a lawyer
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Why I want to become a Lawyer Essay

When you ask a kid, what you want to become when you grow up? He'd reply, a doctor, an engineer, a businessman, or a teacher. Having a dream in one's life is very important as it gives us the right direction. If you do not have any goal in life, your chances of getting success decrease. Therefore, it is very important to have a dream and aim in life. 

I also have a dream in my life. I want to become a lawyer. There are many reasons behind it. The first reason is that I want to serve those people who can not afford the hectic fees that lawyers charge nowadays. Many people do not fight for their justice because they are not able to find any lawyer who could charge them low fees. They prefer to bear with injustice because they have no choice left as they can not afford such huge lawyer fees. I want to help them get justice. That is why I want to become a lawyer. 

The second reason is that we should know our rights and duties. It's only possible when we have enough knowledge of our Constitutional laws and International laws. When one has ample knowledge of his constitutional laws and rights, he can become a better citizen. Getting knowledge of our Constitutional rights and laws is only possible when I become a lawyer. That also pushes me towards the said profession.

Another reason that attracts me to this profession is Problem Solving Ability. When you become a lawyer, you learn how to tackle puzzles and other difficult situations. This profession improves our problem-solving ability. That is also one of the reasons why I want to become a lawyer.

Furthermore, I like to know the truth. This profession teaches how to reach the truth by accumulating small evidence together. When you find the truth, you can help people get justice. 


One should pursue a career that attracts him/her. Do not get influenced by your peer pressure or what is in the trend. It does not matter what others do. What matters is what your passion is. If you choose a career that you are interested in, you ate more likely to get huge success in that career. That is why I want to become a lawyer. Because it is my passion.

Essay On Lawyer 

A lawyer is a very noble profession. A lawyer is someone who appears in court on behalf of his/her clients. A lawyer speaks on behalf of his/her client in court. 

I want to become a lawyer because it gives us many opportunities to serve the public. Many crimes are happening every single day. All the victims and criminals ate not brought to justice. I want to expose such crimes in which victims do not get justice because of a lack of knowledge of laws and how the judicial system works. I want to speak up against the injustice that is happening now and then. I want to bring perpetrators to justice. 

Furthermore, many people are denied their fundamental rights. They are not able to register their complaints because of their lack of awareness. I want to make such people how they can raise their voices against any injustice. 

Becoming a lawyer takes a lot of dedication and perseverance. I am ready to burn the midnight oil for the same. I would be very happy if I will wear a black lawyer suit and started speaking up against injustice. It will be a pleasant and great feeling.

Educational Qualifications required for Becoming a Lawyer

If you want to become a lawyer, you need to have the below-mentioned qualifications.
  • After completing high school, you can choose the arts or humanities stream at your intermediate level. You should choose subjects like history, political science, and economics at your intermediate level. 
  • When you are done with your higher secondary education, now it's time to pursue a law career. You should choose B.A. LL.B or B.Sc. LL.B in your graduation. This is five years integrated course. 
  • After completing your graduation, you can go for a master's in Law, and afterward P.hd in Law. 
  • When you complete your education, you can start practicing law at your nearest court. 
  • Congratulations, you are now a lawyer.
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