Essay On Why I Love Yoga Because 400, 500+ Words

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Essay on Why I love Yoga Because

Why I Love Yoga Essay and Paragraph


Yoga has been here for years now. Yoga is a plethora of mental and spiritual activities which aim to control the mind and soul. In other words, it wants to unite spirituality and mind. There are many forms, practices, and goals of Yoga varying from religion to religion. Buddhism has its form of  Yoga. Similarly, Hinduism and Jainism do have theirs. 

History of Yoga

Yoga was first mentioned in Rigveda. The word "Yoga" was first used between the 5th & 3rd centuries BCE. Yoga continued to develop as a systematic study and practice since its inception in India. Indian-originated Yoga came to the attention of Western countries during the mid-nineteenth century. It's now practiced all over the world. 

Why I Love Yoga?

There are multiple reasons why I love Yoga. Let's know the reasons. 

Physical Health 

I love yoga because it has helped me to gain physical health. It has helped to remain physically fit. 
Mental Health

I love yoga as it has given me mental peace and stability. Whenever I do Yoga, I feel refreshed and content. It has also helped me to gain control over my thoughts. Before practicing Yoga, I was a very dull and mundane kind of person. However, when I practiced it, it helped me to remain energetic and passion-oriented all the time. 


I love Yoga because it has helped me to know myself well. As someone has rightly said, " If you want to control the, control yourself first." It is a very wise saying that needs a very deep introspection to understand it vis-a-vis Yoga. Yoga has helped me to understand myself very well. Now, I know my capabilities and weaknesses very well.

The main purpose of Yoga is to gain control over oneself. It has been very helpful to control my emotions and desires. Before Yoga, I could hardly control my inner desires and outer desires. After practicing Yoga, I now have full control over my desires, emotions, soul, mind, and body.


I love Yoga because whenever  I practice it, it removes all my sorrows and grief. It makes my mind free from negative thoughts. It has helped me to be happy and content.

Concentration Power

Yoga has helped me to gain concentration power. Now, my concentration power is very good. I now can study for hours without distracting. 

Sharpen Mind

If anyone wants to sharpen his/her mind, he/she should practice Yoga. It is the best way to improve your intelligence and sharpen your mind. That is why I love doing yoga every single day.


According to ancient books, Yoga aims to free one's self from worldly worries and desires. In other words, it aims at Liberalization also called Moksha. According to the modern definition of Yoga, Yoga is not a religion but a way of living to get rid of unnecessary worries, and distractions, and attain physical, mental, and spiritual control over oneself. It is also one of the reasons why I love it.
No Age Bar

I love Yoga because it has no age limit. Everyone can practice it regardless of age, gender and religion. However, little kids should have a mentor who can guide them in Yoga before practicing it.

Conclusion Why I love Yoga

To summarize my experience with Yoga and why I love it, it has helped to attain mental and spiritual stability. Furthermore, Yoga is very helpful to get rid of worries and desires. It also helps to gain deep focus and a deeper understanding of oneself. Yoga makes us aware of our capabilities and potentiality. Anyone who practices Yoga never disappoints him or her. 

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