Essay On Why Learning English Is Important

The English language is widely used and spoken in the world. So it becomes very important for us to master the language. Let's read an ESSAY ON WHY LEARNING ENGLISH IS IMPORTANT?

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Short and Long Essay on Why Learning English is important 

We have prepared a beautiful and well-written essay on the importance of learning the English language. We are hopeful that you will enjoy reading the essays.

Why Learning English Is Important Essay

INTRODUCTION - Why Learning English is Important 

Language is a major part of communication. It's a major medium through which we share our ideas and feelings with others. The purpose of any language is to convey feelings, emotions, messages, etc. Multiple languages are used to convey the same.
Some examples are the English language, Urdu language, Hindi Language, etc. 

English is an international language. It's used almost in every part of the globe. There are almost more than seven thousand languages in the world. Some of these languages are less spoken while others are widely used. However, of the total languages, the English language is used in every corner of the world. 

Many educational institutions and other institutions encourage their students and faculty members to master the English language. The fact is that many non-English speaking countries like India, China, Russia, etc are teaching their students English as a main subject. They must pass the subject to get a bachelor of any other diploma or degree. Even the most important books like Engineering and Technology and Medical books are present in English. 

Similarly, many ed-tech companies and other companies encourage their employees to learn the English language. 


Taking the above things into account, it is very important to learn the English language. First of all, it will open up new job opportunities for us. If you go for an interview, it will create a decent impression of the interviewee. If you know how to speak the language, you can answer his/her questions very easily. It will help you in getting a decent job.

The second benefit that this language offers is you can read books that are written in English. We all know that great books are written in the English language. Once you master the language, you can read English literature and other English books. Those will give you a new perspective. 

Most importantly, if you can speak, write, and read the English language, you can get admission abroad to reputed colleges and universities. However, for that, you need to clear the IELTS exam.

In the world of globalization, it is pertinent for us to have a language that is widely spoken. So here the English language will help. We can communicate with anyone from anywhere in the world. It does not matter whether your cultures match or not. However, what matters is a common language. So if you know the English language, you can share your thoughts and experiences Internationally.

Another important reason to master this international language is that it will make your traveling easier. You would not face any problems in communicating with others while traveling. 

Where does the English language help us?

Use of English in The Internet World 

We all communicate with other people using the Internet. Which language do we use often? Yes, the English language. So we need to learn the English language. It will help us in the online world. We will be able to communicate with others effectively.

Use of English language in Colleges and Universities 

The English language has become one of the most widely used languages. Furthermore, it is used in almost every college and university. Even many important textbooks are written in English. So it is very important to learn the language.

Use of English language in Writing 

Furthermore, if you want to write a book that you want should be read worldwide, then learning the English language will help you. If you know, how to write perfectly in English, you can get the attention of the world's readers. It will help you in spreading your word throughout the world.

Use of English in Communication 

The most important use of the English language is that it will help you in communication. If you know how to speak English, you can communicate with international friends. It will also help you in securing a better job.


Conclusion - Importance of Learning English Essay

To summarize what has been stated so far, it is very important to learn the English language. It wi help in every facet of your life. It will give you an edge over the competition. In today's age of technology, we need to be polyglots. Most importantly, we need to learn the English language.


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