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ESSAY ON INTERNET : The Internet is a vast network of computers and other similar systems. It enables everyone who has an Internet connection to get access to the data and information that is spread all over the web. In today's essay, we are going to read a detailed ESSAY ON THE INTERNET.

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Long and Short Essay on the Internet

Below we have provided you with some detailed essays on the Internet. Go through them thoroughly. It will help you in your essay writing. These essays will be suitable for classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and all other competitive exams. 

Long Essay on the Internet


The Internet - can be regarded as man's most famous and important discovery that changed the way of our lives. It has affected every facet of our lives. However, the invention of the Internet did not happen in one go. It was the incessant efforts of the scientists who made it possible. 

The credit for the invention of the Internet goes to two computer scientists named Vinton Cerf and Bob Kahn. Its use was only limited to government officials and organizations in the beginning. They used to communicate via the Internet. Though the Internet was first used in the early 1960s, January 1, 1983, is considered the actual and official birthday of the Internet. In its inception phase, the Internet was completely sophisticated. However, with time, new changes were made to the Internet. Now, the Internet is easy to use and way faster than it was in the beginning.

The Internet is a very important thing that has made our lives easy. Without the Internet, we would feel bored and alienated. Because we are used to the Internet. The whole world is connected by the Internet. It has changed our way of communication. In the past, we used to send our messages via letters and the post office. However, that thing has completely diminished in the last few years. 


There are numerous advantages of the Internet. Some of the most important advantages are given below:

Internet for Communication

As mentioned above, the Internet has changed our way of life. From communication to shopping, and consuming information, everything has changed. In the past, we used to send our messages via the post office and letters. However, the Internet revolutionized the way of our communication. Now, we can send a message to our friends or relatives in just a matter of seconds. We need to have an internet connection and we are ready to go.

Internet for Education 

The Internet is filled with so much information. If you are a student or a teacher, you can use the Internet for your educational purposes. You don't need to go into a real library, you can just get access to the online world libraries. Furthermore, if you want to read a book, you can download it from the Internet. 

In this digital era, many schools and college students are relying on the internet for their education.  Multiple online websites provide research-based articles, students can take advantage of the opportunity.  
Furthermore, many colleges and universities are conducting their classes online. Therefore, students can attend online classes from their homes. It is possible only because of the invention of the Internet. 

Internet for Shopping 

A decade ago, we used to go to shopping malls and stores to buy essential things. However, the invention of the Internet changed our way of shopping things as well.  Now, we don't need to travel long distances to buy stuff. We can just order things from home in just a few clicks. It is only possible because of the Internet. 

Internet for Business 

The internet has helped many businesses to scale up their businesses. As we all know, the Internet is used throughout the world. So taking your business online has multiple advantages. The most important benefit is that it will help you to cater to the global market. For example, Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal. All these businesses are making millions every month. It is only possible because of the Internet.

Internet for Entertainment 

The use of the Internet is not only limited to information and communication, it is a great source of entertainment. Multiple websites offer entertainment content. If you feel bored or stressed, you can watch some entertainment content on the internet. 


Now, let's know the Internet as a bane. Though there are numerous advantages of the Internet, there are some disadvantages as well.

Source of Distraction 

The Internet is a major source of distraction in today's era. According to Statista, Internet users spend an average of two hours and 25 minutes per day on social media. 

It is a matter of concern. We have limited time. We can not spend the majority of our time on social media. Spending way more time on the internet can be detrimental to one's health and academic performance. 

Prone to Cybercrimes

Everyone is not the same. Numerous spammers spam internet users. They steal their data and other confidential information and then abuse them. So it's very important to take precautionary measures while using the Internet. 
Internet Addiction 

Many young people have become addicted to the internet. They spend the majority of the time playing video games and watching videos on the internet. It has impaired their academic performance as well. There are many health consequences of it such as Loss of Sleep, Mental Depression, etc. 

Social Isolation and Depression

The Internet has become a reason for social isolation and depression.  Many young people compare their lives with others on social networking sites. This leads to depression and anxiety.  Many people use social media to chat with others. This leads to less in-person social interaction. 

Conclusion - The Internet Boon or Bane Essay

To conclude what has been stated so far, the Internet has helped us in many facets of our lives.  The Internet is neither good nor bad. It all depends on the way we use it. If we use it for our benefit then it is a blessing. However, if we use it for the opposite, then it can be a curse.

We should the Internet for our good. If we do so, then it will become a boon for all of us.

Short Essay on the Internet - Boon or Bane


In the last few years, we have seen a drastic boom in the internet world. It has seen exceptional growth in no time. The first internet has changed the lives of many people. Many unicorn companies have become a success because of the internet. There are advantages as well as disadvantages to it. Let's know...

Internet as Boon

  • The internet has made our lives easier than it was in the past. Now, we can watch movies and other entertainment-related videos online. 
  • The internet has also helped students in their education. Now, we can access educational sites and read scholarly articles. It is only possible because of the Internet.
  • The world has become a global village. We can send messages to anyone anywhere in the world.  
  • The Internet helped many people to raise their voices against injustice. It has given them proper power to share their feelings and emotions with the world.
  • It has also created many job opportunities. Many people are earning their livelihood on the internet. 
  • Due to the Internet, many people have become aware of world issues. It has helped us to raise voices against environmental crises. 

Internet as Bane

  • The internet has become a major source of distraction. Many people spend the most time on the internet.
  • Through Internet, scammers scam many innocent people.
  • In-person meetings are replaced by virtual meetings. It has led to social isolation.
  • Youths are getting used to the Internet.  They can not spend a minute without the internet. Hence, it is also a major source of causing health issues.
  • Excessive use of the Internet can lead to depression and anxiety. 


The Internet is a very good thing if we use it wisely. However, if we don't use it properly, it can be a curse. So all should use the Internet for their good else it can be detrimental. 
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