Essay On The Best Thing I Learned During lockdown In 150+ Words

What I learned during the Lockdown Essay

Lockdown was a new thing for everyone, right? We have never witnessed such a crucial time. It was a very difficult moment for everyone, from businesses to small vegetable vendors, International companies to small local stores, in short, everyone was hit badly by the lockdown. Nevertheless, it came with some lessons and learnings as well. Let's see what things I learned during the lockdown.

What did I learn during the Lockdown? 

Lockdown was a learning phase for everyone. When the world underwent lockdown, there was no hope at all. At first, adjusting oneself to the lockdown was difficult. However, with time we became used to it. 

If we can gauge something that seems like a curse, we can see blessings in it. Though the lockdown hit our economic sector very badly, it has taught us some lessons as well.

Here, I am sharing some of the best things I learned during the lockdown.

The Power of Connection

Before the lockdown, we all were busy with our mobile devices. We used to spend hours scrolling through social media sites. We would never give attention to our loved ones who were desperately craving our talk conversation with them. However, during the lockdown, we reunited with our loved ones. We shared personal experiences with our family members. Moreover, my parents got to know my priorities and who I am. This is one of the best things I learned during the lockdown that you should spend time with your family and friends. It helps you to make strong bonds with them.

Focus on Physical Health 

As we all know, health was something that we were most conscious of during the pandemic, right? Every T.V channel was used to encourage people to take care of their health. I took it seriously and started working on my health. I would do regular exercises and weight lifting exercises to maintain my health. Eating plays a vital role in one's overall health. I paid attention to my diet as well. I tried to avoid junk food as much as I could. This helped me to stay physically fit. I learned during the lockdown that health is a very precious thing that should not be taken for granted anyhow. 

Don't Ignore Mental Health

Mental health is something that we often neglect. We never pay attention to it. The lockdown phase was very stressful. To keep my mind fresh and healthy, I would do yoga and meditation. It helped me to stay calm amidst the lockdown chaos all over the world. I learned a very good lesson from this thing is that whatever you can not control, do not try to control that. What you can control, do not neglect that. For example, during the lockdown, I had two options either to complain and make hue and cry or stay calm as I could do nothing about it. I chose the latter one. 

How to Use Technology 

Let's accept it - most of us spent our time on zoom and other video learning apps. We explored how to use technology to learn new things. Our teachers used to send us PDFs and study material. We would download and read directly from the PDFs. It helped me a lot to learn how we can use technology to the fullest in education and learning.


To Summarise, the things I learned during the lockdown are as follows:
  • I learned that we should spend time with our friends and family.
  • We should not take physical health for granted.
  • Mental health should be taken care of.
  • I learned how we can use technology in upskilling ourselves.

Essay On The Best Thing I Learned During lockdown In 150+ Words

Essay On The Best Thing I Learned During lockdown In 150+ Words

The Lockdown was full of new experiences and learnings. I learned many things during that time. Some of the best things I learned during the lockdown are:

I learned that we should pay attention to our physical and mental health. As someone has aptly said; Health is a very precious wealth. I paid very much attention to my health and hygiene during the lockdown. 

During the lockdown, I start working on my hobby as well. Well, my hobby is cooking. I used to help my mother in food making. It taught me a great lesson that we should help our parents in the home chorus. 

I also realized that I should skill up myself. So to fulfill this wish of mine, I learned many skills such as painting and calligraphy during the lockdown.

These are some of the best things I learned during the lockdown.

Paragraph on what I learned during lockdown

Lockdown was something that we had never thought of. The lockdown was a new experience. It changed our way of living. During the lockdown, no one was allowed to move in the streets. Everyone was confined to their homes. It was a very tough time. In addition to it, the covid-19 was very infectious. It inculcated fear kind of feeling in the masses. 

Though, it was a very tough time for me. I had never experienced this kind of environment. However, I got used to it with time. It brought many learning opportunities with it to me. So I utilized this free time very carefully.  

Some of the things that I learned during the lockdown are:

Learned to Code

I spent the whole lockdown very wisely. I knew that this is the best time I can spend learning new skills. I would spend hours and hours coding. I learned HTML, JAVA, and Python programming languages during the pandemic.

Learned Importance of Reading 

I love books. I read many classic literature books during the lockdown. It helped me to improve my attention span and English Vocabulary.

Learned the importance of Yoga And Meditation

I started doing Yoga and meditation during the lockdown.  It helped me to maintain my mental health. Whenever I would be mentally exhausted, I used to do yoga exercises.

Learned the significance of Physical Health

During the lockdown, I started paying attention to my physical health. I started eating healthy food. I also motivated myself to do regular exercises. It helped me to stay physically fit. 

Learned How to Cook

During the lockdown, I managed to learn how to make food. It was a very good experience. I would help my mother in preparing food. It also taught me that learning new things makes you smart. 

Learned How Online Classes work

Before the lockdown, I was only exposed to offline learning. I did not know that we can learn from our homes as well. When we underwent the lockdown, I learned how the online education system works.

10 things I learned in lockdown 10 Lines

  • The lockdown was a very difficult time for us. However, I learned some important lessons through it.
  • I learned that we should keep patience.
  • Another thing that it taught me is that storms do not last forever. 
  • It taught me to stay calm during the difficult times.
  • Furthermore, it also encouraged me to pay attention to my mental and physical health.
  • I also got to know about the importance of being friendly and helpful to others. 
  • In addition, it taught me that we should focus on skill development.
  • I learned how to make portraits during the lockdown.
  • I also was able to spend some time on my hobbies. It taught me the importance of having hobbies.
  • The most important thing the lockdown taught me is that you should spend time with your family and friends.

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