Online Classes Essay | Advantages and disadvantages of online classes Essay

Online Classes Essay | Advantages and disadvantages of online classes Essay

Online Classes Essay | Advantages and disadvantages of online classes Essay

Introduction of Online Classes Essay

In December 2019, humanity witnessed a major outbreak ie; Covid-19 for the first time. And no one was ready for it.  Everyone was busy with his life. We were not used to staying indoors. Unfortunately, The whole world went into lockdown. The lockdown, which is still not lasting in many countries, including India. The economy of the world collapsed in no time. Social life got affected. And most of all, our educational institutions got severely affected. Students went into depression. But thanks to online classes. It saved our time. 

The whole world's educational institutions shifted from traditional educational methods to online education methods. According to a UNESCO report, more than 1.38 billion students got affected by the Covid-19. Now we will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of online classes.

First, let's discuss 

Advantages and disadvantages of online classes 

Let's begin;

Advantages of online classes essay

  • Online classes are cheap and affordable. 
  • Everyone can get benefitted from online classes.
  • Online classes are flexible.
  • Students can ask any question/doubt to teachers without any hesitation.
  • Online classes give students the freedom to learn at their own pace.
  • In order, to make learning more interesting, teachers can use many online learning games.
  • Children can attend classes from anywhere via mobile phone, Laptop, or Tablet.
  • Students can also use online learning apps, like; Google, Youtube,  Netflix to clear their doubts, related to their studies.
  • Students do not need to spend hundreds of dollars on tuition.
  • Teachers can use different innovative methods to teach pupils efficiently and effectively.
  • Working students can also attend online classes.
  • Online classes save our time and students can utilize that time in different creative activities. And it will enhance their mental health.

Disadvantages of online classes essay.

  • Online classes are not as effective as traditional classes in terms of social development.
  • You can not acquire leadership qualities by attending online classes.
  • Students can cheat in exams easily in online classes.
  • Students can not attend physical activities via online classes.
  • It lacks a peers interaction atmosphere.
  • Not everyone can get a smartphone and attend online classes.
  • In online classes, students can get distracted easily.
  • Online classes need to have a good Internet connection, that's not possible for everyone.
  • Online classes cause social isolation.
  • Online classes lack face-to-face communication.

Online classes essay conclusion

Though online classes have disadvantages, this method proved beneficial for both students and teachers in these difficult times of the Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdown.

Online classes saved student's time. Students and teachers need to make online classes more real like traditional classes with different innovative ideas. Students should attend online classes as it is beneficial for their all-round development. 

FAQ On Online Classes.

Are online classes effective?

Yes, online classes are effective and flexible. It gives you a chance to enhance your skills.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of online classes?

There are so many advantages and disadvantages of online classes. Advantages include; saves time, flexible, beneficial for working students, etc.

Disadvantages include; technical issues, lack of peers interaction atmosphere, harmful for eyes, etc.

Thank you for reading online classes essay.

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