Essay on My Daily Routine in Lockdown for Student 500+ Words

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Essay on daily routine under lockdown for student

Essay on daily routine under lockdown for student

My name is (Your Name), & I am studying in class (your class name).  I hail from (your address details). Today I am going to tell you about my daily routine under lockdown.

So, my day journey starts in the morning. I wake up at 6:00 AM & have a glass of water. After that I go on a morning walk. There is this beautiful park in my village. I go there & do some exercises. I also like to meditate in the morning as it makes my body feel fresh all the time. 

Post my morning walk & exercises, I come back to my home. Once I get to home, I take some rest, & then I like to refresh my body by taking a bath. Then I take fresh & mouth-watering breakfast. I don't like junk foods. In my breakfast, I usually have fresh fruits and vegetables with some cooked rice and beans.

Then after I take my breakfast, I read until my launch. And at 12:00 PM, I have my launch. Post my launch, I go to the nearby ground and play cricket with my friends. I return from the ground at 5:00 PM. I sit down & start to solve mathematics problems till my supper. I take dinner at 9:00 PM & then go to bedroom for taking rest and sleep 😴.

Good Night, see ya tomorrow 🌉!!!

Essay on daily routine under lockdown for student

  • My name is (Your Name) & I am currently reading in class (Your Class).
  • Today, I am gonna tell you about my daily routine during lockdown.
  • I used to wake up at five in the morning.
  • Then I used to brush my teeth right away.
  • Then I used to have breakfast.
  • Post my breakfast, I would spend three hours reading books.
  • Then I  would take my lauch at around 1:00 PM.
  • Then I used to play cricket till 6:00 PM.
  • After that, I would return to home & start solving my maths problems.
  • Then I would like to take my supper at 9:00 PM.
  • After that I used to go to sleep 😴.

How I spent my lockdown days essay 

My name is Yawar. I am a student of class 5th. In this essay, I am going to tell you about how I spent my lockdown days. So here we go...

I wake up at 7:00 AM, take a bath & then breakfast. Since, I am a student, I like to read different kinds of books. However, fiction books are my favourite books. I usually read for 5 hours a day. I aslo solve some mathematical problems.  In addition, I write some essays every single day. Essay writing helps me to improve my writing and reading skills. It gives me an edge over other people in my exams. 

Apart from reading & writing, I like to exercise. As we all know, how important exercises are in one's life. It helps our bodies to work efficiently and effectively. It also improves our immune system. It helps us to get rid of different types of intoxicants that are present in our bodies.

Before going to sleep, I watch some movies for an hour.  I usually watch education related movies. 

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Essay on daily routine under lockdown for student.
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