My first day of school after lockdown essay

My first day of school after Lockdown.

As we know, students have not been to schools and colleges since the pandemic started in the year 2019. 

Now, the government of India has decided to open schools and colleges. In this article we are going to discuss;

Essay on reopening of schools after lockdown.

So let's begin. 

A day before my first day of school, I was very excited to see my school again. I was also excited to meet my school friends, whom I was missing a lot. I also was missing my teachers who are very supportive and encouraging to us. They always keep us motivated for our studies.

In the morning of that very day, I got dressed up and ready for school. 

I boarded on a school bus and reached the school within 30 minutes. I was amazed to see teachers checking masks and hand sanitizers at the school gate.

As I entered my school campus, I happen to see my friends and teachers. But was not able to hug my friends as it is not allowed because of the safety measures. Teachers welcomed us with their kind expressions. 

I was feeling new. It was a new world for me. And then we did some exercises. It freshened our bodies. 

We entered the classroom and there were only a few benches. And we were instructed to maintain social distancing.

Our teachers started teaching us subjects one by one. But to be honest, I was not in a learning mood. I was there to enjoy with my friends. The first few minutes, it was a kinda awkward moment but then It felt really good to have offline lectures. 

And at 1:00 PM we were granted the launch break. But everyone was instructed not to share food. And we followed our teacher's instructions. Everyone followed the social distancing. 

The first day of my school was exciting. I met my friends and teachers. The friendly behavior of the teachers was excellent.

My first day of school after lockdown essay

Some points to remember.

  • We should always follow the instructions of our teachers.
  • We should not indulge in bad activities.
  • We should maintain social distancing.
  • We should not share food with our friends.
Thank You for reading;
"My first day of school after lockdown essay"
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