Essay on Virtual Classroom and its Importance

ESSAY ON VIRTUAL CLASSROOM: As we have advanced in technology, we have come to realize the importance of e-learning. Many big institutions are introducing virtual classroom systems to impart quality education. It has become a major trend now. The virtual classroom education system is liked by so many students for several reasons. Here in this article, we read a detailed essay on the virtual classroom and its importance. 

Essay on Virtual Classroom
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Virtual Classroom Essay 

A virtual classroom is a system that uses technology such as the Internet, computers, and other software to create an online learning environment. 

Much like offline classrooms, a student & a teacher in a virtual classroom can learn and teach in real-time. In other words, it is known as synchronous learning. 

Before the pandemic - Covid-19, there was almost no concept of virtual classrooms. No one was interested in the said subject. However, after the pandemic hit the globe, everything changed. Be it an economic sector, health sector, or political system. Above all, the education system got hit severely.

As we all know, education is the key to success. We can not advance in any facet of our lives without it. In a blink, all educational institutions were shut down due to precautionary measures all around the globe.  

To fulfill this gap, virtual classrooms came to the rescue. Big educational institutions realized the importance of e-learning. In addition, several new startups came into being that aim to target students. They became successful in no time. 

So let's now know the importance of virtual classrooms/virtual learning.

Importance and Benefits of Virtual Classroom 

Offers Affordability

Virtual classrooms are affordable. Anyone who wants to join the virtual classroom does not need to spend thousands of dollars. It is very cost-effective. Both the students and teachers can save money by not worrying about the accommodation and other stuff. Furthermore, the students can download PDF books instead of hard books. It will help them to save a lot of money. 

E-Learning offers Flexibility

Another benefit of a virtual classroom is that it is very flexible. The students can record the video lectures for future reference. It saves teachers' time as they do not have to reteach the topics again. Furthermore, students can learn at their own pace. 

Virtual Classroom Saves Time

There are a lot of working people who wish to continue their studies while earning their livelihood. Some students want to pursue their degrees from home. Here virtual classrooms come to help. With the help of e-learning, students can save their precious time. They can spend that time either to earn money or sharpen their other necessary skills that are needed to stay ahead of the competition.

Virtual Classroom is Suitable 

Everyone can access virtual classrooms. A village student living in a remote location and a student living in a city will get an equal opportunity to get a quality education. Therefore, we can say that virtual classrooms are suitable for everyone. 

Improves Inclusivity

Some students are very shy and are not able to convey their points in traditional classrooms. Virtual classroom learning will help them to overcome this fear. They can feel comfortable in virtual classrooms. Therefore, they can actively be involved in virtual classroom learning. 

Instant Feedback

Most e-learning classrooms offer an option to provide feedback right away after completing the lecture. It will help students to give their feedback on the quality of education they get. 

It will help teachers to improve their teaching skills. So this will lead to quality education.  

Essay on Virtual Classroom

Essay on Virtual Classroom Vs Real classroom

Now, let us know the difference between a virtual classroom and a real classroom.

  • A virtual classroom course is offered online while a real classroom is offered offline.
  • Virtual classrooms can be accessed anywhere. In contrast, traditional or real classroom learning has to be imparted at an educational campus.
  • Traditional learning also called real classroom learning has its campus and fixed time while there are no such barriers in the virtual classroom. 
  • In the traditional classroom, face-to-face interaction is easier to make than in virtual classrooms. 
  • Virtual classrooms are affordable as there is no cost of the accommodation needed. However, real classroom learning is costly. 
  • A student of virtual classrooms can take advantage of e-libraries and learn from different authors and publications. In opposite, in real classrooms, students have to buy books to study. 
  • Virtual classrooms offer time flexibility while real classrooms have strict schedule rules. 
  • To summarize, some students are comfortable with virtual classrooms while others are with real classrooms. Our educational institutions need to integrate both systems so that everyone can choose between the two options suitable for them.
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