Essay on noise pollution 150, 500 words

Essay on noise pollution

Noise Pollution Essay

Introduction PollutionPollution means the presence of unwanted things in the environment which cause problems to both living and non-living things, for example; Noise Pollution, Water Pollution, Air Pollution, Soil Pollution, Radioactive Pollution. The harmful substances which cause pollution are called Pollutants

Types of Pollutants:

  1. Natural Pollutants.
  2. Man-Made Pollutants.

Natural Pollutants include Sea Salt, Photochemically formed ozone, Volcanic Dust, Fog, etc. 

Man-Made Pollutants include waste disposal, paints, flour mills, wood stoves, etc.

Noise Pollution Essay

Noise Pollution Introduction: Noise pollution also known as sound pollution is one of the most hazardous pollutions in the world. 

As per The WHO,  ''Any Sound less than 70dB does not cause any problems. Sounds less than 70dB are safe. However, sounds, exceeding 70dB are hazardous.

Sound more than 70dB causes many problems to the environment. It causes an imbalance in the rhythm of nature.

 Now we will discuss the effects of NOISE POLLUTION.

Effects of Noise Pollution

Noise/sound pollution causes many problems. Let's discuss one by one.

Noise Pollution Effects on Humans:

Noise pollution causes many severe problems in human beings. It causes sleeplessness in human beings. It also snatches human concentration power.  It can cause; aggression, annoyance, cardiovascular diseases, depression, hypertension in human beings.

Noise Pollution Effects on Animals:

In animals, Noise Pollution can cause a rapid increase in heart rate resulting, fear, hearing loss, Reproduction problems,  hinders communication. It can also cause behavioral changes in animals. It can also lead to the death of animals, Etc.

Effects of Noise Pollution on Plants:

A study by researchers at California Polytechnic State University found that human Noise pollution can affect the diversity of plant life in an ecosystem even after removing the noise. This is the first study that studied the long-term effects of noise on the diversity of plant life. 

In short, we may conclude that Noise Pollution not only affects human life but also animal and plant diversity.

Causes of Noise Pollution

Industrialization: One of the main sources of noise pollution is industries. Big machines, mills, motors, fans, Power generators are used in industries resulting in the production of Noise pollution (unwanted noise).

Vehicles: Cars, bikes, buses, airplanes, trains on the roads also produce unwanted sound (Noise Pollution)

Construction Work: We live in a modern age, buildings, roads,  bridges, railway tracks are being built everywhere. It is also one of the sources of noise pollution.

Events: In weddings, ceremonies, public gatherings, we often use loudspeakers, which also, leads to noise pollution.

How to reduce noise pollution essay

We can control noise pollution with various techniques;

  • We should keep our T.V/Mobile volume low.
  • We should use less Horns while driving any vehicle.
  • We should use sound-absorbing materials in schools, colleges, industries, etc. It will decrease the intensity of sound.
  • Industries must be built away from residential areas.
  • We should avoid using loudspeakers as much as possible.
  • We should plant more and more trees. Because plants decrease the high frequency of sound. 
  • Silencers should be installed in vehicles.
  • Noise pollution laws should be enacted to control pollution.

F&Q - Noise Pollution

What are the 3 main causes of noise pollution? 

the main three causes of noise pollution are; using loudspeakers, vehicles, and industries.

Why is the noise pollution more in the cities than in the village? 

Because in cities vehicles produce unwanted noise.

How to prevent noise pollution in theater?

We can reduce the noise of the theaters by using Sound-absorbing materials in the interior of theatres.

How does television create noise pollution?

Television produces unwanted sound resulting in the production of noise pollution.

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