Application for bonafide certificate for NSP Scholarship - 2022

How to write application letter for bonafide certificate from college?

Before we dive into the format of Bonafide Certificate;

Let's discuss;

What is a Bonafide Certificate?

A Bonafide certificateis a document, issued by a particular organization ( Example; School, College, Hospital) to certify that you are studying/working in that organization or school.

Application for bonafide certificate for NSP Scholarship - 2021

Uses of Bonafide Certificates

Bonafide Certificates are used for various purposes.

If you want to apply for NSP Scholarship Program you should have a Bonafide certificate.

If you want to apply for a passport you need a Bonafide certificate.

Sometimes you need a Bonafide certificate in different private companies to show them your expertise. Etc.

Format Of Bonafide Certificate for NSP Scholarship


The Principal,


XYZ (Place).

Subject: Issuance of Bonafide Certificate.


With great respect, I want to have your attention, I am the student of your institution, bearing Roll no (YOUR ROLL NO) in class (Your Class). Sir, as you may be aware of recent notification of NSP, regarding the NSP Post Matric Scholarship scheme. The dates and forms of NSP scholarship are out. Sir, I belong to a poor family. So, I want to apply for the above mentioned NSP Scholarship Program. So that I will get benefitted. But, for applying to NSP Scholarship 2021, we need a Bonafide certificate.

So kindly, issue me a Bonafide certificate. That will be your most kindness.

Thanking You.

Yours Faithfully,

ABC (Your Name)


Sign ( Your Signature)


The Principal,

Government Medical College,


Subject: Please, issue me a Bonafide Certificate for NSP Scholarship.

Respected Sir/Madam,

With great reverence and profound regards, I Abc (Your Name) need a Bonafide certificate for NSP scholarship 2021. Without Bonafide Certificate, I can not apply for the said scholarship. 

So please, issue me the certificate. That will be your most kindness.

Thank you for your help.

Yours sincerely,




Your Signature.

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Application for bonafide certificate for NSP Scholarship - 2022

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