Importance of time essay in English - 500+ words

Importance of time essay in English 

Importance of time essay in English - 500+ words
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Importance of time essay in English

God has created human beings as the most eminent creature of all creatures on the Earth. But Successful beings are only those who respect the value of Time. Those people who valued time have gained beautiful success.  But those who didn't value time have failed to achieve their dreams. 

Someone has rightly said that ''Time Destroys The Destroyer Of Time." People who want to live a healthy and happy life must respect time. If money is lost we can regain it but we can't regain time. Time is precious than everything, even precious than a diamond. Time is immortal. No one can harm time. Only those people can taste the fruit of time who respect time. Nothing is hidden from the eyes of time. Time changes everything. Time heals wounds. Time speaks the truth. Everything in this world would vanish with time. Nothing can stop it from doing its work. Time follows none. No one in this world can stop it from doing its job. Even doctors, magicians, teachers, philosophers, professionals, professors can not stop it. Time rules everything and everyone. Time is the ruler of rulers, king of kings, and destroyer of destroyers. 

Time waits for none. Its speed is like a bullet from the gun. It does not discriminate. It treats everyone equally. 

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Even not for a king, it blows as wind blowing, to give respect to time is to give oneself fame. Those people who respected every moment have gained name and fame and will not be forgotten until life is on the earth. Great Scholars, Scientists, Poets, Emperors, and other Great Men are even regarded with great esteem and their name is mentioned with great honor. It is only because they valued time the most. They listened to its bell and took benefit from it. 

We all have 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, 30 days in a month & 365 days in the year, yet some people are successful, some are unsuccessful. 

Do you know why?

Because successful people value time while as most of the unsuccessful do not. Time is the best teacher. 

We should not take time for granted. It is the best gift that God has given us. Time can make us successful or unsuccessful. It is all up to us how we treat it. We should try to learn new skills. We should stay away from procrastination. We should make a timetable for different tasks. Make a plan. 

Time gives name and fame, to him who is punctual. To him shame, who does not pay heed to its bell. 

It gives the fruit of luck to him, who is ready to catch.

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The importance of Time Essay.

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