Importance of Discussion in Classroom Essay

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In this article "IMPORTANCE OF DISCUSSION IN CLASSROOM'' we will discuss about The Importance of Discussion in Classroom 

The Importance of Discussion in Classroom Essay 

importance of discussion in classroom essay
Every pupil/student wants to answer questions in his/her class. There is however, always something that stops these students from doing so. It is not always that the students are dumb or they hardly know anything. It in is instead the fear of being teased or mocked at in front of the whole class that holds their tongues from responding to the questions in a classroom.

The classroom itself is supposed to be a kind of a means for discussion among students on different topics. It is a place where they can express themselves and where their apt personality is supposed to be crafted. If students are supposed to be aware of their activities they must concur with one another. They should know eachother, share their experiences and knowledge and to be comfortable enough to speak what they feel and know about.

It is noticed that students find it easier to respond in the class if the teacher holds a general discussion with them, because everyone is psychologically different and thus behaves accordingly. The sense of response also depends upon the interest of the student whether he wants to do something in life or just finish his life studies and stay at home.

Responding in classroom is necessary because it enables students to grasp things better, improve himself and learn about himself. He can also assess how much he knows about a given topic and what are his capabilities and potentialities. 

When students respond positively, the teacher is satisfied that he is teaching well and doing a worthy job. A student response is a kind of reward for the teacher from the students. The students should therefore try to respond freely and quickly in the class. Response from students motivates teachers to teach because they find it interesting. 

Responding in classroom develops leadership qualities in students. Students can know their strengths and weaknesses by discussion. It also improves their vocabulary and knowledge. They get to know their friends, etc.

To conclude therefore, we can say that a Student's response in the classroom benefits the teacher. It also encourages bashful students to overcome their shyness and gain more confidence. As a result of discussions, a teacher's job proves satisfying and rewarding.

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Importance of discussion in classroom essay 

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