Write an Application to the Principal for Fee Concession

Hello Friend, In this article we will be learning " How to write an application to the principal for fee concession"
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Application to the principal for fee concession

We know, sometimes our financial conditions are not good enough to pay the school or college fee. Though we love to study, our financial conditions become hurdle between our studies. We are not able to focus on our studies. But thanks to schools and colleges, they have some scholarship programs for the poor students who can not pay the fee because of their financial problems.
To avail the above mentioned scholarship, we need to  write an application to the principal for fee concession, so that we can continue our studies without worrying about fee and all.

Now let's know the format of ;

Application to the principal for fee concession

The Principal, 
Radiant Public School,
Delhi, 192210
Dated: 01/01/2022
Subject: Request for fee concession.
Dear Madam/Sir,
 With great reverence and respect, I want to say that I am a student of your school/college, of class 10th, under class roll no 03. I am not able to pay the school fee because we are not financially sound. My father is a mason and his monthly earning is not more than 4000 Rupees. We have no other sources of income. My father can not pay my fees because we are in debts. 

I am doing well in studies. And I always get in top 5 positions in the class. I am regular student.  I have quest for knowledge and studies. I want to continue my studies.

Therefore, I request to your honour, please, grant me full fee concession. So that I can continue my studies. That will be your most kindness.
Yours faithfully
Class X.

Application for fee concession

Write an application to the principal for fee concession

The Headmaster,
Government High School,
New Delhi.
Subject: Application for full fee concession.
Respected Sir/Madam,
I beg to state that I am studying at your prestigious institution bearing roll no 03 in class 6th. I belong to a very poor family. My father is a daily wager. Our monthly income is 1500 Rupees.
I am a good student who always does his homework on time. I want to continue my studies. And my aim is become a doctor. But my father is not able to pay my fees. 

I request you please give me full fee concession. It will be your most kindness.
Thanking you.

Yours sincerely.
Class: 6th.
Roll no: 03.

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