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Artificial Intelligence Essay

Introduction - Artificial intelligence

A long way back, writers, and filmmakers used to make fictional movies in which machines were having the capability to make better decisions than human beings. We all loved to watch such movies, right? That was just a story based on fiction. However, the thing they used to show in movies and what we were dreaming of is turning into a reality. Science and technology have been improving to a great level. Our lives have become easier and more convenient due to such a blessing. It is all because of technology. From a watch to a computer, everything is a blessing of science. Lately, science has given us another major technology ie; Artificial Intelligence. Many unicorn companies are running after Artificial Intelligence & trying to grab their pies. Why? Before we answer this question, let's first know?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that can make a machine or a robot act and think like a human being. Many technology geeks think that Artificial Intelligence will enable robots and machines to perform tasks that need human intelligence more effectively and efficiently than humans. 

Definition of Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence (AI), a term coined by. emeritus Stanford Professor John McCarthy in 1955, according to him “Artificial Intelligence is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines”.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence 

Can you recall any Artificial Intelligence example? Well, I will give you some examples of Artificial Intelligence?

Have you heard these names, Siri & Alex? 
We all use these products, right? We may ask "Hey Siri, play a song for me, or Who is the first president of the United States?" and Siri will give you some information either from your device or will fetch from the web. What is this kind of technology called? This is one simple example of artificial intelligence.

Some other examples of Artificial Intelligence are:
  • Autocorrect 
  • Chatbot
  • Google Maps
  • Face ID
  • Voice Recognition Lock
  • Google Assistant
Now that we are done with What Artificial Intelligence is, let's jump to the next question.

Types of Artificial Intelligence 

Since Artificial Intelligence is in its inception phase, there are some major improvements which need to be done in AI technology. Based on how an AI system works, Artificial Intelligence can be classified under one but divided into four categories. 

Artificial Intelligence Types

  • Reactive Machines
  • Limited Memory
  • Self Aware
  • Theory of Mind

Purpose of Artificial Intelligence 

Some of the major purposes of Artificial Intelligence are as follows:
  • The first and foremost purpose behind artificial intelligence is to improve decision-making. Artificial Intelligence will help us to meet this goal. 
  • Another purpose of artificial intelligence is to attain accuracy. In the future, artificial intelligence will be used to diagnose and detect diseases as it gives almost accurate data.
  • It will also enable us to evaluate the big piles of data that can prove very useful for us.
  • Most of all, the main purpose of Artificial Intelligence is to provide machines with the power of reason & interaction with software systems like humans.
Now, let's move on to the next question, what are some of the advantages of Artificial Intelligence, and how is artificial intelligence going to be helpful?

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence 


One of the major advantages of Artificial Intelligence is that it will help us to perform tasks with zero risk of an error. It will help us to reduce the risk of an error and improve accuracy and precision. Since it makes any decision out of the collected data, errors will be reduced to almost null. 

Example: Weather Forecast systems use an Artificial Intelligence system to reduce the chances of errors.


No Breaks Needed 

Unlike human beings, Artificial Intelligence systems can work incessantly without any breaks. According to some research papers, "A human body can work effectively only for four hours a day." In contrast, AI can do any task forever. It won't be bored like humans. Artificial Intelligence systems think much faster than human beings and can perform any given task more effectively and efficiently than us.

Example: Many educational and medical institutions can install an AI helpline Center that can effectively work 24*7.

Quick and Fast Decisions 

Artificial Intelligence will help us to make quick decisions. AI technology can make a decision better and faster than a human being. So it will help us to save our time. 

Example: Artificial Intelligence will help large as well as small businesses to make better decisions about their product and advertising campaigns. It will quickly and efficiently analyze their existing data & make a quick decision.

Data Analysis 

According to Forbes, more than 95 percent business companies need to analyze their unstructured data. Here, Artificial Intelligence will come into play. It will help such companies to analyze their data & come to some conclusions. It will also help them to unveil the new business opportunities. 

Performing Complex Tasks

Human capabilities are limited. But Artificial Intelligence can solve complex problems within seconds. AI Machines will help us to solve such tasks. It can solve problems like Quantum Physics and data Integration.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence 

Very Costly

Artificial Intelligence is in its beginning phase. It has not reached its advanced stage yet. There is a lot that needs to be researched and done in this field. We all how much cost any field need that is in its inception phase. Furthermore, AI is related to technology that needs costly gadgets and software. To keep any software up to date, it needs to be upgraded regularly. Therefore, it will be costly. 


There is a huge debate going on that Artificial Intelligence will reduce the number of jobs in the future. Hence, it will lead to an unemployment crisis. 

According to Elon Musk, “computers, intelligent machines, and robots seem like the workforce of the future.”

Lacks Emotions and Creative Abilities

No matter how advanced our technology grows, it won't be able to counterfeit human emotions and creative ability. According to many tech nerds,

"Artificial Intelligence is expected to become more intelligent than human beings in the upcoming decades." 

Though it will surpass human capabilities, it won't be able to achieve wisdom and emotional intelligence. AI decides anything out of its input data. It won't be able to make its own decisions based on wisdom and emotions. In simple words, it can not think out of the box.

Lack of Ethics 

Artificial Intelligence won't be able to incorporate moral values, which are very important features of a human being. This inability to incorporate ethics can lead to biased outputs. It would not be able to recognize what is good, and what isn't. 

Future of Artificial intelligence

The future of Artificial Intelligence is not grim but bright. It is an emerging field that is currently in it initial period. Many experts say that Artificial Intelligence is going to make human lives better off over the next decade. Many researchers point out their optimistic remarks on medical field and many other possible Artificial Intelligence applications such as diagnosis, and predictions. Furthermore, many experts say that AI will strengthen the education system by bringing new advanced changes in the system. 

Another field that is going to be impacted positively by Artificial Intelligence is transportation field. Self-driving cars will be run by AI systems. It will help to reduce accidents. It will also help to overcome traffic jam challenges in the near future. 

Artificial Intelligence will make next-gen consumer experiences possible. There is so much buzz going on Next-generation consumer experiences like the Metaverse and cryptocurrencies. These experiences and many other similar to such will be critically enabled by Artificial Intelligence. 

Many unicorn companies like IBM, Google, Microsoft, and Apple have started to invest millions of dollars in AI technology. These top-notch companies known the bright future of Artificial Intelligence. These companies go with the trend. They adapt themselves to changes. Artificial Intelligence is growing at a very rapid growth and it will unveil new business opportunities for such tech giants. AI is also attracting many investors to invest in it. 

In the upcoming years we may see AI technology in every product. 

Final Thoughts 

Artificial Intelligence is in its beginning level. Let's hope it be a blessing for our future. 

What is Artificial Intelligence


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