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Essay on machine learning

Machine Learning Essay

In today's era of advanced technology, MACHINE LEARNING has become an integral part of our lives. The boom of advanced technology has changed the way of our living. 

Recently, Machine Learning has forced big unicorn companies to shift their attention to it. The companies are investing thousands of dollars in machine learning. 
It is considered one of the exciting and booming fields. This essay on MACHINE LEARNING aims to go in-depth on: 

Machine Learning Definition 

According to Tom Mitchell "Machine learning is the study of computer algorithms that let computer programs to automatically improve through the experience without human intervention."

Or we can say;

Machine Learning is the extraction of patterns out of data.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that focuses on data analysis & the development of computer programs. The sole purpose of Machine Learning is to make computers able to learn automatically.

In simple words, Machine Learning (ML) is an area of AI (Artificial Intelligence) with the sole purpose that a computer system can learn & adapt itself to new data without any external input or human intervention. For example, When you search a particular item on an online-shopping app, it shows you similar products & ads the next time you visit the website. 

Types of Machine Learning

Machine Learning uses 2 types of techniques: 
  • Supervised Learning.
  • Unsupervised Learning.

Supervised Learning

Supervised Learning is a technique that trains a machine on input data that is labeled for a particular output.

Unsupervised Learning 

Unsupervised Learning is a machine learning technique that uses non-classified & unsophisticated data to learn patterns.

Types of Machine learning

Purpose of Machine Learning 

Machine Learning is important because it gives us an accurate prediction based on data. It can teach computers to do complex tasks without any human intervention. Machine Learning can analyze complex chunks of data. Machine Learning enables entrepreneurs and businesses organizations to recognize business opportunities & potential risks quickly. Businesses that are solely dependent on vast quantities of data are embracing Machine Learning as the best way to analyze data & make models.

Advantages of Machine Learning 

  • Machine Learning can identify patterns in complex data without human intervention.
  • It can be used in automation.
  • It saves our time & human Labour.
  • Machine Learning gives us accurate information.
  •  Machine Learning algorithms are capable of handling multi-dimensional & multi-variety of data.
  • Machine Learning improves its algorithms from data over time.
  • Machine Learning is self-sufficient and assorted. 

10 Lines On  Machine Learning 

  1. Machine Learning was coined by Arthur Samuel in 1959.
  2. Machine learning is a sub-catagory of Artificial Intelligence.
  3. Machine learning deals with data analysis & finding patterns & trends in it.
  4. It allows machines to make decisions.
  5. Voice recognition & image recognition are examples of machine learning.
  6. Machine Learning saves our time & cost.
  7. Machine learning gets improved over time.
  8. Machine learning has become an integral part of our day to day life.
  9. It eases our ways of life.
  10. It can be used in diagnosing diseases in health sector.

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