The Impact of Social Media on Teenagers Essay in English 500 + Words

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The Impact of Social Media on Teenagers Essay in English 500 + Words

The Impact of Social Media on Teenagers

Meaning of Social Media

According to Wikipedia "Social media means websites and applications that allow its users to create and share content or to take part in social networking."

Social Media playes a vital role in our lives. It has become our part of daily routine. Some popular social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, WhatsApp, YouTube, etc. 

Social Media Benefits

Social media is a medium of communication. It allows us to make friends & relationships with other people in the world. It also allows its users to share their experiences, thoughts, & ideas with their friends and family. We can spend our leisure time on these platforms. These social media platforms allow us to create content. Many people earn their livelihood via these social media sites. Educational content can be accessed on these platforms easily.

Stats of Social Media Users

Around 4.48 Billion people using social media actively around the globe. And the no of social media users are increasing dramatically. But unfortunately, social media is popular among teenagers. Instagram has 1.386 Billion users. Snapchat has 530 million active users in the world. Unfortunately, teenagers use social media the most.

Impact of Social Media on Teenagers 

Though social media is useful, it has its own disadvantages as well. According to the recent study by UCLA, the same brain circuits that get activated when we eat something sweet like chocolate or when we win some kind of lottery are activated when teenagers get more likes & comments on their photos in a social media network. 
One of the major effects of social media on teenagers is depression. When a teenager sees a filtered photo of his/her friend on a social media site, he/she starts doing comparison. And this comparison ultimately leads him/her into depression/anxiety. 
Social media has a lot of psychological disadvantages. Most of the teenagers are addicted to it. They are not able to get rid of it. Cyber bullying is also another major impact of social media.

Teenagers who use social media are more likely to perform poor in their academics. It distracts students from their studies. They spend hours of time on social media. 

Now the question is how to prevent teenagers from such menace.

Steps to Reduce Social Media Use

As parents, there are some steps you can take to prevent your children from such negative effects.

Limited Use

Talk to your children & advise them to set limits for social media use. Tell them the negative impacts of social media.


As parents, you should monitor their activities on the internet.

Take part in physical activities

Encourage your kids to take part in physical activities rather than just staying idle & using social media all the time.

Learn a new skill

You should encourage your children to learn a new skill. Keep them busy in meaningful and beneficial activities. It will help them in staying positive & optimistic.

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