Essay on Water our Reason to Smile in English 500+ Words

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Essay on Water our Reason to Smile in English

Water our Reason to Smile Essay

Water is the greatest gift of God to us. It is necessary for our survival. Without it, we can't think of life on the earth. It's impossible for us to survive without water. Water is reason for our existence on Earth. 
"Where there water, there is life."

We need water in every aspect of life. We need water to produce electricity. We need it it for drinking, cooking, bathing, washing, etc. Apart from it, water is home for aquatic animals & plants. Millions & trillions of plants and animals are dependent on it. We need water to survive. Animals, plants and birds need water for their survival. Life is not possible without water.

Our planet "Earth" needs water to function properly. Even tiniest of tiniest insects need water to survive. Machines and equipments need water to run. 

Furthermore, our daily activities need water to get them done. Whether we talk about brushing our teeth, cooking our food, washing our clothes, making a cup of tea and coffee, it is not possible to get the tasks done without water.

Apart from it, we need water to make our products & goods which we use in our day to day life. We require water in industries.

Water is necessary not only for ones survival but for a happy, healthy & content life. In other words, human as well as other living things will perish without it.

Water is the great reason for our smile

We all know the situation of water-deprived countries like; Ethiopia, Somalia, Angola, Chad, Niger, Mozambique, etc. We are aware of how miserable condition they live in. The need of an hour is to save & use water wisely. Save it for our future, future generations, etc. Our future generations too have the right to use & drink pure water. If we don't preserve this essential resource for our future then who else will?

We need to take few major & mandatory steps to preserve water. 

Steps for water conservation

  • We should not waste water.
  • Close the tap after using it.
  • We need to aware people about water conservation.
  • The government must make some plans to preserve water. 
  • Social media sites should be used to spread awareness regarding water.

Conclusion of Water our Reason to Smile

We all should make good use of water. We should not let this scarce resource go waste. We should make people aware of its importance. 
Without water, life is not possible.  We need water in every aspect of life. 
At last, I want to sum up my essay with the following quote;

"Water is Life, Without it, our whole existence will perish from the planet."

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