Short Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer in English 500+ Words

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Short Essay on Advantages & Disadvantages of Computer in English 500+ Words

Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Computers


Nowadays, life has become much more easier with the advancement of science & technology. There are so many technical innovations and discoveries which play a pivotal role in making our life comfortable, easy and happy. Such innovations include The Internet, A Computer, A Telephone, A Television, An Electricity, A Radio, A Mobile Phone, A Car, A Motorcycle, A Printing Press, etc. 

Today we will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of computers. 

Computer Introduction:

According to Wikipedia "A computer is an electronic machine which stores & processes information mostly in binary form, on the basis of instruction we give to its variable program."

In today's era of globalisation and technology, computer is a blessing to have. It performs various difficult tasks. The computer technology is being used in every aspect of life like medicine, education, politics, engineering, art, etc. Different algorithm programs are installed in computers to make them perform difficult tasks.  A big advantage of computers is that these save our time. A Computer also reduces our cost of labour. 

Types of Computers

Types of computes on the basis of size

  1. Supercomputer.
  2. Mainframe Computer.
  3. Workstation.
  4. Minicomputer.
  5. Personal Computer (PC).

Types of computers on the basis of data handling

  1. Analogue Computer.
  2. Digital Computer.
  3. Hybrid Computer.

So let's discuss the advantages of computers in detail.

Advantages of Computers

Firstly, a computer allows us to store data. We don't need to worry about our data. We can store GBS of data in our computer. It also allows us to connect with our friends & relatives via the internet. We can send or receive data with the help of our computer. 
In banks, computers are used to store data of their customers and history of their transactions. Computers can work day and night without any break. This feature of computers reduces the cost of labour. Computer can also do difficult calculation faster than us. Some other advantages of a computer are as under:

Data Analysis:  
A computer can process & analyse data better than humans. With the help of various tools such as Qualitative Data Analysis Software etc. It provides a deep insight of data. Qualitative Data Analysis Software is used in different fields of academics such as psychology, sociology, economics, history, etc. It gives us a deep insight into our data. Also, it saves our time.

Multitasking is another big advantage of a computer. Multitasking means doing different tasks simultaneously. A computer can perform various tasks at a time without any problem.

Automation reduce our intervention in processes. It saves our time. Example, instead of doing seperate calculations of our data like mean, mode, median, we can use Excel software to save our time.

However, for all its advantages, a computer has its disadvantages as well. 

So let's discuss the disadvantages of a computer;

Disadvantages of Computers

Those students who are not financially stable may not be able to afford it. Students can get distracted easily via it. Using too much social media applications on a computer can lead students into depression and anxiety. Most of the computers have spelling and grammar correction softwares, students can depend on such softwares for their spelling and grammar.

Many people may use this blessings negatively. They may chat with their friends for hours. And may play video games without any break. This could lead them in poor academic performance. 

Some other major disadvantages of a computer are as follows;

Using a computer, can make one prone to cyber-attack. Innocent people who are not aware of such crimes can fall prey in world of computers.

Fake News:
Many hate-mongers may use it for spreading fake new among the masses. They try to disturb the public order. 

Lack of Focus:
Computer notifications distract us easily. We may spend hours & hours of our time watching videos & playing games on our computer. This leads to lack of focus & decrease in attention. Also, some video games become our addiction. Then we are  not able to get rid of those games.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Computers Conclusion

We should use our computer wisely. We must not waste our precious & quality time on our computer unnecessarily. We should make good use of this device. This is a blessing, we must not let it become curse for us.

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Short Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer in English 500+ Words.

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