Essay on Importance of Female Education in English 500+ Words

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Essay on Importance of Female Education in English

Importance of Female Education Essay

Meaning of Female Education:

Female education can be regarded as a kind of education that is given to females for enhancing their self-respect and self-dignity & improving their lives financially as well as socially. 

As somebody has perfectly quoted,
"Education is the light of life."

Importance of Female Education 

Education is a fundamental right of every child regardless of gender. Female education is an important topic to focus on. 

Females are seen as the ones who take care of their children & take care of the house. They are not given the kind of freedom that's given to males. In some rural areas, women are being deprived of their basic rights. They are not being allowed to get education. They are forced to stay in their homes. The main reason behind these abuses & inequality is the old beliefs that women are meant to stay at their houses. 

In many societies, women are seen as a burden. They send their male wards to schools & restrict their females from getting educated. 

Educating females is the need of an hour. Female education is necessary for the growth & development of any nation in the world. Female Education will help to eliminate the social stigma surrounding it, such as female abuse, female infanticide, dowry, harassment, etc.

Educating females will help female population in improving their standard of living. Since mothers take care of their children the most, it will allow them to educate & teach their children the values & good manners.

Female education will make females aware of their health and hygiene. The spread of female education is must in today's era of globalisation and technology.

The world is changing dramatically. In India, giving education to females is essential for removing social evils from the country. It will help females to earn money. It will also contribute in the advancement of science and technology. 

We should be aware of the fact that women are no lesser than men. They should be given equal opportunities as men. Women should be given education. There should be no inequality. God has created everyone equal. No one is superior or inferior than the other. 

Hurdles in Female Education

Gender Discrimination

Females in rural areas are not given equal rights to men. They are not not allowed to get education. Girls are taught to do household chores. 


Poverty is also one of the reasons that impact female education. As per a UN report, every year more than 1.5 million female in India are married before they turn 18. They are forced not to go to schools. As a result, these young girls become mothers at an early age which has very severe effects on the health of both mother and child.

Child Marriage

Child marriage means marrying a child below the age of 18. This is also one of the hurdles in female education.


Female trafficking cases are rising day by day.. Of all the trafficking cases reported all over the world in 2016, 23% are females compared to 7% of whom are males. Traffickers exploit females for forced & unpaid labor & marriage, but most of them are s*xually assaulted.

What's is being done to promote Female Education?

There are so many government as well as NGO's which are trying their level best to promote female education all over the world. 

UNICEF is also prioritising female education. It is providing different kinds of incentives to promote the education of females. 

The government of India is also trying to come up with new schemes to promote female education all over the country. Beti Bachao Bet Phadao is one such scheme that aims to motivate parents to give education to their female wards. Financial assistance is provided to females to tackle the problem. 

10 Lines on Importance of Female Education

  • Female education means giving education to females.
  • Female education is necessary for the development of the nation.
  • It will help to eliminate social evils such as; dowry, female abuse etc.
  • It will aso enable female folks to earn money.
  • The education of females will help them in improving their standard of living.
  • Patriarchy, poverty, child marriage are some hurdles in female education.
  • These hurdles need to be eliminated.
  • The Government of India is trying to promote female education all over the country.
  • Beti bachao Beti Padao is one of the schemes which advocates the female education.
  • Female should be given equal rights & opportunities as men. They should not be deprived of getting quality education.

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Essay on Importance of Female Education in English

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