Essay On My Tribute to Martyrs In English In 700+ Words

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Essay On My Tribute to Martyrs

Paragraph on My Tribute to Martyrs | Essay on my Tribute to Martyrs

A martyr is someone who sacrifices his life for the protection of his soil or the people of his country.

Soldiers of our country, India, keep us safe from the external threats. They do their duties regularly. They sacrifice their personal life and sleep as well for the wellbeing of their people. They seldom sleep well. They keep watch on borders day and night for ensuring that there is no external threat to the country. 

Every country is filled with such brave and courageous men who sacrifice their lives for their countrymen. These selfless men can be labelled as Freedom Fighters. It's because of these brave men that we don't have worry about external threats. They take all the responsibilities on themselves.

My Tribute to Martyrs

I as a responsible citizen of this country, pay homage to my country soldiers who sacrifice their lives for the welfare of us. I also pay my tribute to those who are no longer with us. I salute to their courage. Their valor of mind and soul will be remembered for generations to come. Their readiness to die for the country will not be forgotten. 

May God give strength to their families. May you rest in peace.  

In addition to paying tribute to the soldiers, we should take care of their families. They should be given free education and medical facilities. 

The government should also take immediate measures to make sure their families are living a happy and prosperous life. Their children should be given free educational facilities. 
Anyone who wants to pay homage & tribute to these brave soldiers should take an oath to protect this country from any country. In addition, one should be willing to do work & contribute in taking the Indian economy to the next level. Also, one must try to make our country self-sufficient & self-reliant by innovative ideas and exceptional contributions.

To wrap the essay up, O brave men, I salute your courage and strength. Your sacrifice for this nation will never ever be forgotten. This country salutes you.

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