Conditional Sentences Rules with Examples [Ultimate Guide]

In this article, we will be learning The Conditional Clauses, Its Rules, Types, and Examples.

Conditional Sentences Rules & Examples

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If it rains, we will have an amazing experience.

The above sentence is a perfect example of a conditional sentence. 

Key Points about The Conditional Clauses

  • A Conditional Clause is basically a subordinate clause.
  • It carries a condition that makes the action in the principal clause happened.
  • A conditional clause often starts with "If''
  • There are some other words/phrases that introduce the conditional clause, Example; Unless, Until, (If not), When, Provide that, On the condition that, Subject to, Supposing to.
  • A Conditional Clause is usually used before the Principal Clause.

Example Of Conditional Clause

If it rains, we will get wet.

It can also be positioned after the principal clause.

We will get wet if it rains.

We will get wet = Principal Clause.

If it rains = Conditional Clause.

Types Of Conditional Clauses

There are 4 types of conditional clauses viz;
  1. Present/Zero Conditional.
  2. Future Conditional/Will/Shall/First Conditional.
  3. Past/Would/2nd Conditional.
  4. Would have/Perfect/3rd Conditional.

Uses Of Present/Zero Conditional Clause

The Present/Zero Conditional Clause is used to denote things that generally happen/A general rule.

If it rains, the earth turns wet.
If drivers see a red light, they stop.
If you heat snow, it melts.
If you don't appear in the examination, you don't pass it.

STRUCTURE Of Present/Zero Conditional Clause

Conditional Clause+Principal Clause.
Present Simple Tense+Present Simple Tense.

If anyone smokes cigarettes, his health condition deteriorates.

Uses Of Future Conditional/Will/First Conditional Clause

It is used to denote predictions/ A situation likely to happen in the future.


If you work hard, you will get first-class.
If the sun does not appear from the clouds, there will be rain.

STRUCTURE Of Future Conditional/Will/First Conditional Clause 

Positive Sentence: Auxiliary Verb + Principal Verb (s/es) + Will/Shall + Principal Verb1.

Negative Sentence: Do/Does + Not + Principal Verb + Will/Shall + Not + Principal Verb1.

Note 1: In future conditional, we can also use the modal ''CAN, COULD, & MAY."


If it is late, we can miss the morning assembly.
If there are more rains, it can lead to floods.

Note 2: In sentences denoting emphasis, we can drop the conjunction "IF''


Speak again, I shall shut your mouth.
Touch my bike, I shall slap you.

Uses Of Past/Would/2nd Conditional Clause

The second Conditional Clause is used to denote something that is not real & imaginary.


If I had enough money, I would buy a house in England.
If I became a president, I would appoint you as my deputy.

STRUCTURE Of Past/Would/2nd Conditional Clause

Conditional Clause + Principal Clause
Past Simple + Would + Principal Verb1.


If I were a king, I would make a grand palace for me in Kashmir.

Note: For denoting existence in the past conditional, we use "WERE"(PV2) with all subjects.


If my friend were a bird, he would soar the skies.
If I were you, I would buy a new house in Turkey.

Uses of Would have/Perfect/3rd Conditional Clause

To denote a possible action of the past but now turned impossible.


If I had gone to the party, they would have been very happy.
If I had studied well, I would have Cracked the interview.

STRUCTURE Of Would have/Perfect/3rd Conditional Clause

If..... Clause + Principal Clause.

Had + PV3 ( 3rd Form of Verb) + Would have + PV3 ( 3rd Form of Verb)


If I had not listened to the advice of my mother, I would have regretted it a lot.
You would have enjoyed it a lot if you had come to the picnic with me.

Note: As is evident, the third conditional denotes something that was possible in the past & now turned impossible. Hence, it is also called REGRET CLAUSE.
Congratulations, We are done with the Conditional Clauses.

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