Covid-19 Responsive School Essay 500+ Words

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Covid-19 Responsive School Essay
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Covid-19 Responsive School Essay

In the year 2019, we saw a major outbreak of Covid-19, which hit almost all parts of the world. It hit economic sector, health sector, banking sector etc. Above all, educational sector witnessed a huge blow.

Students have not attended physical classes since 2019. Educational institutions had to shift their mode of teaching to online classes. Online classes proved beneficial to some extent. There is a saying;

''Something is better than nothing.''

But everyone is not able to afford the internet packs, mobile phones. According to a recent survey done by Learning Spiral,

"In urban and rural areas, 50% of students do have access to the internet."

From the above survey, it is clear, every student can not attend online classes. It's one of the major drawbacks of online classes.

Online classes also lack one-on-one interaction. Students can get distracted easily. Students do not take online classes seriously as they are used to offline classes. 

So, the government of India has decided to open schools and colleges all across the country. To avoid the spread of the virus, it's necessary to take precautionary measures to curb the spread. 


Covid-19 Responsive School Measures

We should take the following measures to make our Schools Covid-19 respponsive;

1. Wearing a Mask

It is one of the most effective ways to avoid the spread of Covid-19. Therefore, it is compulsory for all students and teaching staff to wear masks. 

2. Get vaccinated

There are many Covid-19 vaccines out there  which have proven effective against the Covid-19. Mass Covid-19 Vaccination drives are being conducted in schools and colleges to vaccinate students and staff. Students who are above the age of 18 years, should take Covid-19 vaccines 

3. Social Distance

In Covid-19 responsive schools, it's mandatory to keep social distance. It should not be taken for granted. 

4. Sanitization

In Covid-19 responsive schools, to avoid the spread of Covid-19, sanitization must not be ignored. All schools and colleges have to pay a proper attention to cleanliness and hygiene. Students should be made aware about washing hands, using sanitizer etc.

5. Eating Healthy Foods

We all know that our immune system can fight any disease and virus. But it must be strong and healthy. So students and teachers should be made aware about healthy foods. Junk foods should be banned in schools and colleges.

6. Covid-19 testing

Anyone feeling symptoms of covid-19 must be quarantined immediately. And should be sent to nearby hospital for Covid-19 test.

Conclusion Of Covid-19 responsive school Essay

We all know health is wealth, we should take proper care of our health. As students and teachers, we must follow the guidelines of the government. It's for our good. All colleges and schools should be Covid-19 responsive.

"Schools and colleges should be Covid responsive, else, the results can prove destructive."

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Covid-19 Responsive School Essay.

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