My Favourite Place Essay in English 100, 150, 200, 300 Words


A favourite place is a place where one likes to spend most of his/her time. Different people have different favourite places. It depends on their tastes and interests. Similarly, I also have a favorite place where I love to spend most of my time.


Let's know what is my favourite place.

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HOME: My Favorite Place Essay

All of us have a place where we love to go and make ourselves content and happy. The one place where we forget all our grief. 

My favorite place is my home. It's where I love to spend my time. It is a very calm and serene place. It's where I reside with my parents. I have two siblings. I love to play with them. We also study together. When we feel bored, we play a game. 

My home is located in the heart of a city. We are Father, Mother, Two Brothers, & Two Sisters residing in our home. Each of us has a separate room. 

I don't think there is any place better than my home. I love being home. It gives me energy and soothes my mood. When I am at home, I like to read books.

I am very blessed to have a such beautiful and loving home. 

My Town: My favorite Place Essay

Everyone has a favorite place like, gardens, homes, playgrounds, etc. However, my favorite place is my town. 

My town is my everything. It is where I grew up. I have so many beautiful and charming memories of it. It is the place where I spent my early childhood playing with my friends and cousins. Everyone in my town is friendly. We have beautiful trees and shrubs in our town. 
My town is the only place where I love to spend my time most. It gives me immense joy and happiness when I visit my town.

There is almost every facility available in my town. We have macadamized roads and bridges in my town. Furthermore, there are medical facilities also available in the town. In addition, public transport is also well maintained by the local authorities. 

Education is given most important in my town. Everyone regardless of gender is thriving for quality education. Poor children are helped by the local community. That is why this place - My Town is close to my heart.

Conclusion - My favourite place essay

Everyone's favorite place is different. It's according to their liking and Interests. Similarly, I also have a favorite place according to my interests. 

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