BEST POEM on Why I Love YOGA Because

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POEM on Why I Love YOGA Because

Poem on Why I Love Yoga Because 

Poem 1 on Why I Love Yoga Because 

Yoga is an activity to make oneself precious,
It teaches how to be ambitious.

Yoga originated from our culture - India,
It has been praised for years now in Western media.

Neither Yoga has religion,
Nor is it bounded to a specific region.

To make oneself positive,
That Is the Yoga's Motive.

Yoga teaches us kindness,
It teaches how to attain full consciousness.

Yoga is a reflection of self,
It teaches us to be ready for others' help.

Yoga should be practiced to gain patience,
It will eradicate your impatience.

Poem 2 on Why I Love Yoga Because

I love yoga because it is a good remedy to gain mental control.

Yoga teaches me how to overcome my fears,
It will not let fall you your tears.

It boosts my confidence.
I love yoga as it tells me how to gain patience.

Yoga has no age limit,
Everyone can practice it irrespective of any bar limit.

Yoga can make your life peaceful.
It is a very good exercise that has proven so much useful...

Do you lack concentration power?
Do yoga and see the super results!

I love yoga because it removes my stress,
It also enables my soul to progress.

It never betrays your hope,
You should practice it too...

Poem 3 on Why I Love Yoga Because

I Love Yoga because,

It teaches me endurance.

It teaches me to be compassionate.

It teaches me to practice patience.

It teaches me to get rid of anger.

It also helps me to gain concentration power,

It has helped me to attain willpower.

Yoga teaches us to be positive..

It teaches us to believe in our caliber.

It will unleash your potential...

It will teach you how to unite the soul with the mind.

Yoga is a practical experience...

It should be practiced daily to live a peaceful life ...

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