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Essay on New Education Policy: The new educational policy aims to improve the quality of education from primary education to higher education. In the new education policy, several changes were made by the government to enhance the quality of education. In this essay, we are going to read a detailed essay on THE NEW EDUCATION POLICY.

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Introduction - New Education Policy

Education is the best tool by which any nation can make progress in every facet. To live a happy and healthy life we need to be educated. Because education teaches us how to live a happy life. It teaches us science and technology. It teaches us engineering and literature. It teaches us the past - history. In simple terms, education is very important to know about this gigantic universe. 

As mentioned above, Education can not be neglected. Education is the fundamental right of every individual. It's necessary to educate a child. For it will make him/her a better human. It will teach him good manners, etc. 

Thankfully, our education system has been evolving at a great pace. Now, people have realized the importance of education. However, our education system was lagging behind the world's education systems. To tackle this issue, the government of India Introduced a new education policy, NEW EDUCATION POLICY 2020. 

This educational policy was announced in the year 2020. However, this was implemented in the year 2022. That is why most people know it as NEW EDUCATION POLICY 2022. This education policy, NEP 2022, has replaced the 34 years old education policy that was introduced in 1986 by the Indian government.

Need for New Education Policy 

Before the new education policy, the education system used to focus on the subject way of teaching. It was subject-centered. However, many government institutions felt the need to bring some major changes to the education policy. So the government formulated a committee that was assigned to find gaps and issues in the previous education policy. The Committee submitted its recommendations report to the government in 2019. Therefore, the government decided to bring major changes to the education system. It is now child-centered. It aims to help students to pursue multi-disciplinary career paths as per their caliber and will. 

Objectives of New Education Policy

  • The main aim behind the new education policy is to impart quality education. It wants to focus on the round development of a student.
  • Furthermore, it aims to increase the Gross Enrollment Ratio in higher education. 
  • It also wants to increase the overall Gross Enrollment Ratio in Vocational Courses. 
  • Another focus of the education policy would be on the Universalisation of Education from pre-nursery to secondary education.

Principles of New Education Policy

The main principles of the new education policy are:
  • To encourage quality education.
  • Recognizing and strengthening the inner capabilities of children.
  • To encourage the overall development of students.
  • Increasing literacy and enrollment rate in the country.
  • To give students a choice to choose a particular subject or course according to their choice.
  • To encourage students to learn different languages.
  • To inculcate moral and ethical values in the students.
  • Encouraging youth to think out of the box by Autonomy and Empowerment.


The new education policy is a very positive step toward revolutionizing the education system of India. It will help in reducing the school and college dropout rate. Furthermore, it will help students to gain a good knowledge of a particular subject according to their interests.  Since this education policy encourages vocational education, it will help students in getting jobs. Hence, the new education policy will lead to a positive, happy and progressive life. 

New Education Policy 2022 Essay


The government of India felt a need for a new education policy. So they brought a new education policy in the year 2020. However, it was implemented in 2022 due to some preparation reasons. It replaced the previous education policy that was introduced in 1986. 

The main aim of the new education policy is to focus on the round development of children. It aims to shift its focus from a subject-centered education system to child-centered education. It will help students to gain a deep understanding of a particular subject according to their interests. 

Benefits of New Education Policy 

1. The new education policy will be way much more flexible for the students than the previous education policy.

2. It will help students to work on their inner capabilities rather than learning unnecessary stuff.

3. The new education policy will give more importance to the practical knowledge of students than theoretical knowledge.

4. It will help students to develop scientific knowledge from an early age.

6. The NEP will focus on the analytical and rational ability of students.

7. Since NEP will encourage foreign educational institutions to set up their campuses here, it will be beneficial for those students who can not afford to go abroad. 

8. The New Education Policy aims to provide Value based education.

9. It also aims to bring down the school and college dropout rate of students.

Structure of New Education Policy 

Foundational Stage 

Foundational will be of 5 years. It will include one year of the Aganwadi stage and 2 years of classes 1 & 2.

Preparatory Stage

Preparatory will be for 3 years. It will include classes 3 to 5.

Middle Stage 

The Middle stage will also be of three years. 
It will include classes 6 to 8.

Secondary Stage

The secondary stage will be of four years. It will include classes 9 to 12. 


New Education Policy will focus on real-world knowledge and skills. The evaluation process will also be based on actual knowledge rather than rote learning. It will also focus on the inborn capabilities of students. New trending skills like coding will be taught to children from class six onwards. According to the new education policy, mother tongue will be a major medium of instruction till class 5th. It will help children to understand topics better. To further improve the quality of education, the use of technology in education will be encouraged.


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