10 Lines on Disadvantages of Mobile Phones in English

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10 Lines on Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

  • Mobile Phone users are prone to cyber-attacks.
  • Mobile Phones distract our focus.
  • Students who have mobile phones are not able to concentrate on their studies.
  • Mobile phones make us non-social.
  • Excessive use of mobile devices causes irritation in our eyes.
  • Little kids who use mobile phones become addicted to them.
  • Personal information can be easily compromised by it.
  • Mobile Phones also cause sleeping & health-related issues.
  • Though mobile phones have so many advantages, teenagers don't know how to take advantage of mobile devices.
  • Those persons who use mobile phones get unsolicited e-mails & messages.
10 Lines on Advantages of Mobile Phones in English

10 Lines on Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

  • Mobile Phones are a source of distraction.
  • Another disadvantage of mobile devices is that they are costly.
  • Many spammers send unnecessary and unsolicited fake business messages on mobile devices.
  • Mobile Phones have also made us emotionally unstable.
  • Everyone is so much indulged in mobile phones that we often tend to forget our priorities.
  • Social media also makes mobile phones distracting.
  • Not everyone can not use it properly.
  • The electro magnetic radiation of mobile devices can cause many health-related issues.
  • Spending so much time on mobile devices causes neck and back pain.
  • Exposure to unwanted content on the internet can cause emotional and mental problems.

10 Lines on Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

  • There are so many disadvantages of mobile devices like distraction.
  • Using cell phones while driving is the main reason behind road accidents.
  • Using mobile phones till late at night causes sleep deprivation.
  • It is also one of the main reasons behind mental anxiety.
  • Being online for most of the time makes it hard for us to make real friends.
  • It also affects family life.
  • Mobile Phones keep us busy all the time.
  • Many innocent people who are not aware of phishing become victims of online scams.
  • Installing Mobile applications can lead to the leakage of personal information.
  • Mobile Phone users are prone to cyber security issues.
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